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Using Cupboard Liner As A Platter Mat.

Above photo: my Thorens TD160 C fitted with a cupboard liner platter mat.  This material is a rubbery coated foam cupboard liner available in grocery stores, department stores and home improvement stores and is sold by the roll for a few dollars.  It comes in different colors, web patterns and thickness. Above photo shows a liner with a thickness of 4mm.

How tough can it be to cut one of these yourself....? Can you use scissors...? Can you use the standard mat as a cut pattern...?   

The cool part is that this mat can improve the sound compared to other mats.  More about that later.  Thickness is the same as the standard Thorens mat.  If you've already optimized your VTA for the Thorens mat, you won't need to re-tune.

One negative that becomes apparent, with use, is the surface of this mat leaves a dry somewhat tacky residue to items it comes in contact with.  Including your vinyl....!  The mat I have here exhibited this tendency at first.  Now, after being out in the atmosphere for over one year, it leaves no trace residue that can be seen or felt. 

Listening tests proved that this mat is a likely upgrade over the standard Thorens rubber mat.  Background noise is quieter, subtle improvements in detail and texture of individual sounds were appreciated.  Not a pronounced difference, but perceivable none the less. 

Worth the time and effort....and very little expense.