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Garrard 401



Greetings from Norway.

The plinth is made from oak hardwood, two 42mm thick pieces glued together with hide glue.

Then sanded and oiled.

Armboard is made of 4 pieces of palisander wood glued together. Many weeks of hard labour.

Garrard 401 is tweaked with Kokomo kit, Funk Firm Acromat and Platter damping rings. Rega rb-300 arm with dismounted trackingforce-spring and british valuta for more weight Audio-Technica AT-0c9ml/II cartridge

Rest of system:

Dynabel 2s speaker kit.
Music Angel xd-800 integrated amp with Furutec powerplugs, Nos pre-tubes, Duende Critura tube damping rings, and Pulsarpoint feet.
Cole phono stage from DIY Hifi supply.
Cables from Transparent Audio and Renaissance Audio

Sound is clean, neutral, highly dynamic and realistic. Some of the best I have heard.


Garrard spinning.jpg (320293 bytes) hint: click on thumbnail to view full sized image.

RB-300 with british valuta.jpg (364544 bytes)

Tweaked Rb-300.jpg (324469 bytes)


garrard profile.jpg (403356 bytes)

Oak.jpg (330010 bytes)

As you can see, the arm base is separated from the plinth itself.


bottom layer.jpg (389244 bytes)

Bottom layer.  Close cutout.

top layer.jpg (524626 bytes)

Top layer.  As you can see the cutout is made closer to the motor than suggested by the template.

glued together.jpg (419676 bytes)

Now glued together with hide glue.

left angle.jpg (439591 bytes)


Norvald Dahl, Norway