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Notes on record collecting.


This page is to become a repository of notes on my personal experiences while searching for and buying records.

Used record grading references:

Goldmine Record Album Price Guide (this grading method) for US produced Lps.
Rare Record Price Guide (this grading method) for UK produced Lps.

I use the above references more for their grading method and quite a bit less as a price guide.  

Local brick & mortar stores that carry records:  Seattle / Everett area.

Used record stores in my area. Lynnwood (North of Seattle, just South of Everett, Wa.)

A brief and incomplete list

Half Price Books (several locations)
Goodwill (not all Goodwills have the record selection they once had, but some do carry them)
St. Vincent de Paul (a few locations)
Bargain CDs Records & Tapes -- 2501 Broadway, Everett, Wa 
Bop Street Records -- 2220 NW Market st,  Seattle, Wa (Ballard district
Sonic Boom Records -- 2209 NW Market st., Seattle, Wa (Ballard district
Jive Time Records -- 3419 Fremont Ave. N., Seattle, Wa  ( just north of the Fremont Bridge

There are others to add to this list, I just haven't been there.  Other note; I offer the above list not as a recommendation, just simply places I've shopped at once or more times.

Online used record sources I've tried:

Ebay (frequently with mixed results)
https://www.discogs.com  (infrequently but with positive results in those transactions)
http://www.recordsbymail.com (infrequently but with positive results in that one transaction)


New Records:

Recently I note there are large volumes of previously unheard of, re-issued, releases of popular Lps from decades past that are suddenly appearing at large retail sellers in this area.  The providence of many of these re-masters, in many cases, is unknown and in my estimation questionable.  Look for long established record labels.  It will be necessary to study what is out there.  Look for 'all analog' re-masters with the mastering process itemized on the outer jacket in fine print.  Avoid low-resolution digital re-masters.  Some of this new crop are being sourced from CD or similar ordinary low-res digital files.  Personally, I avoid any digitally mastered Lp.  Instead, I will shop for used records from the original period that were sourced from analog tape masters. 

Notes on online record stores and vendors : 

Notes on Ebay record buying:

Ebay claims:

1) Lp Ship Damage -- February, 2017

DSC_3418.jpg (338984 bytes) As received, unopened, impact penetration damage is evident as annotated.

DSC_3422.jpg (246470 bytes) Package opened,  It becomes evident that the seller/shipper used a single piece of cardboard, folded around the Lp, taped closed.  Then labeled.  Then shipped.

DSC_3421.jpg (282659 bytes) DSC_3420.jpg (323484 bytes)DSC_3418.jpg (338984 bytes)

DSC_3417.jpg (442517 bytes) Record is fractured at impact point with long crack proceeding outward.  We don't know who did the evil deed, but this record was clearly not protected well enough to survive typical USPS transit.

DSC_3416.jpg (297330 bytes) Damage occurred right on the composer's nose as can be seen in this photo.  Just one solid stroke to ruin a desirable record.  Perhaps a personal insult to Debussy may he rest in peace.

Record; Lp.  Claude Debussy/ Images I/II - / Children's Corner/ Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli, Piano
DG 252530196 ST 33


When I received the package I was immediately concerned with how lightly the Lp was wrapped. **  When I opened the packaging my suspicions were confirmed.  This Lp was DOA as a result from in-transit damage and inadequate packaging.

I immediately opened a request for refund/product return through ebay using the tools available to all buyers and sellers for situations like this.  I used the above photos to document the damage.  The seller was quick to refund me and then promised that she would not make this same mistake twice and use a regular record ship box as all other sellers do.  Case over.  My only concern now is that there is one fewer of this particular catalog number Lp in this world.

** Lps should be packaged into a specific box designed for shipping Lps and with added plates of cardboard on either side of the Lp packaging to protect from impact.  Further the Lp with inner sleeve should be removed from the outer jacket to prevent the record from ripping through the outer jacket at its seams while being jostled about in-transit.

Ebay claim; Lp not as described.  February 2017

DSC_3428.jpg (391503 bytes)

DSC_3429.jpg (330927 bytes)

DSC_3426.jpg (195517 bytes)

DSC_3425.jpg (174334 bytes)

Record: Lp Claude Debussy / Preludes - Volume 1 / Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli
DG 2531200 

Ordinarily I would avoid a library copy put up for sale over ebay, but in his ad the seller described the Record as NM and then added an additional note that stated that this record would play and sound like new.  Based upon that I punched the bin button and purchased.  When received I was hopeful until I removed the Lp from the protective sleeve within the outer jacket.  As can be seen in the above photos it was quite obvious that this record had received frequent abuse.  By the appearance of it, the damage likely occurred while removing and replacing the record from and back into its protective jacket as was engineered at that particular library.

Using the tools at ebay I issued a request for refund/return.  The seller responded within a few hours and sent me, via email, a return ship label to print out and apply to the packaging to return ship.  The USPS was prompt in returning this record.  According to my tracking info the seller had the record for a day and then issued a refund with no further comments.