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October Trip  (2006)

Utah, Arizona, Nevada, California, Oregon, Idaho and Washington state.


sunrise photos from Interstate I-82 near the Tri-cities Washington.

DSC_1344.jpg (51178 bytes) DSC_1348.jpg (53698 bytes)

DSC_1334.jpg (158612 bytes)  DSC_1316.jpg (160295 bytes) DSC_1318.jpg (152337 bytes) DSC_1312.jpg (112852 bytes)

Death Valley National Park, Ca.


DSC_1015.jpg (54731 bytes) DSC_1022.jpg (78858 bytes) Sunrise from hwy 89a in Az.

DSC_1294.jpg (122956 bytes) Hoover Dam after dark.  Lake Mead side.

DSC_1290.jpg (65380 bytes) sunset from hwy 93 in Arizona.


DSC_1337.jpg (51944 bytes) from hwy 395 in Ca.  It snowed.

DSC_0935.jpg (172792 bytes) Take a guess where.

DSC_1234.jpg (173026 bytes) Signal Hill and ancient Hohokam rock art in southern Arizona.

DSC_0756.jpg (156502 bytes)Off hwy 89 south of Panguitch, Utah. A road not taken.

Red Canyon:

DSC_0759.jpg (118284 bytes) Off hwy 89, scenic byway 12 leads into Red Canyon, then to Bryce.

DSC_0767.jpg (143453 bytes) DSC_0771.jpg (124331 bytes) DSC_0772.jpg (126504 bytes)


Bryce Canyon: DSC_0879.jpg (203283 bytes)  Walking among the hoodoos.


DSC_0917.jpg (132592 bytes) From hwy 89 in Utah Really strange rock forms.

DSC_0966.jpg (158684 bytes) Vermillion Cliffs in Northern Az.

DSC_1151.jpg (213401 bytes) Organ Pipe National Monument.

DSC_1259.jpg (82405 bytes) From Green Valley, Az.  Weather!

DSC_1218.jpg (109251 bytes)

DSC_1224.jpg (87325 bytes) A colorful Arizona garden spider named "Bertha".

DSC_1078.jpg (132515 bytes) a young South American Saguaro.