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October Trip 2018

DSC_0512.jpg (227405 bytes) OW !  


DSC_0519.jpg (482633 bytes) DSC_0545.jpg (212182 bytes)

Out of Gas Map.jpg (351600 bytes) Google

above three images: where I ran out of gas and slept in the car over night.  Elevation: 5000 feet. 

Next photos: while in Az.

DSC_0595.jpg (719244 bytes)

DSC_0596.jpg (250611 bytes) when you have lemons, sometimes you get......

DSC_0610.jpg (512314 bytes) toothpic anyone?

DSC_0615.jpg (329134 bytes) find the nose on the face

DSC_0641.jpg (217658 bytes) Daybreak.  I-5 looking east just before Redding, Ca. 10/25/2018