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plinth3.jpg (52904 bytes)

Piezo.JPG (55592 bytes)


I found this table sitting atop a pile of tuners, amps, other tables, in an old electronics shop. An appropriately German owner of about 85 years of age replaced the belt as part of the deal. I got there too late to get the SME arm that was had by some quicker mercenary.

Plinth: stripped of paint and finished with Watco Danish Oil. There is still filler that needs to remain so it is a faded glory kind of job. Damping with Blu-Tac where the top meets the sides and wood glue for all fractures. I will keep the plinth and add mass inside. Or maybe I will re-plinth.

Arm board area: SME cutout was dealt with by using two 7/8" washers, one below the board the other above and painted black.

Main Bearing and well: Cleaned and re-oiled.

Motor: Runs fine as is; a two speed power adapter will be added in a second enclosure.

DustBug: There is a dustBug base glued to the plate and a generous Vinyl Asylum inmate sent me the remaining parts.

Piezo Tonearm: modified by "Mosin" who added a cueing arm and rest. Current transducer is the DL-103 in a Sumiko headhsell. There is more weight at the headshell than the arm can balance so a Buffalo rides the counterweight. Can't hear the need for anti-skate.


Sound: Good bottom end with tons of weighty midrange tone.

Before pics:

asFound1.jpg (75343 bytes)

asFound2.jpg (69168 bytes)

asFound3.jpg (77552 bytes)