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Oppo Blu-Ray players

Model: BDP-83 (circa 2009)  This date: 8/6/2018

BDP-83_disc in.jpg (332398 bytes) disc loaded

BDP-83_no disc.jpg (285639 bytes) and yet the Oppo doesn't find it

BDP-83 power caps_2.jpg (322675 bytes) Power supply board.  Note the two large power caps and the brown puddles underneath.

BDP-83 power caps_3.jpg (320959 bytes) detail close-up power board.

BDP-83 power caps_4.jpg (247084 bytes) detail view of the two capacitors

Quick-time movie  BDP83_nodiscmovie_1.mov of the drawer in action: file size=47.3mb.  Plays back with either Apple Quick-time or MS Media Player. Your internet browser will likely support it, however if using Firefox sound may not be present. 

The movie shows the drawer to be operating normally.  With no disc loaded we see the transport and laser attempting to search the files on a disc.  What I notice in this movie is that the small turntable that spins the disc is not turning.  I suspect that it should.

The brown goo seen around the two capacitors seen in the power supply board photos is actually an adhesive used during the mfg process.  This is not evidence of any problem.  At first I thought it might be leaking capacitors, but now I am advised that these capacotors appear to be ok.  This residue is rubbery in texture and can easily be scraped off with soft instruments such as a wooden tooth-pick or tongue depressor.  The capacitors both measure within spec (68 uF) and do not appear to be part of the problem.

When a disc is loaded the Oppo fails to recognize it.  After consulting with Oppo customer service at Menlo Park, Ca., I have been offered a repair service for $99.00 usd plus ship (one way) for them to fix the deck.  My understanding is that those who have used this service repairs have been effective and the service was attended to promptly and return ship was paid for by Oppo.

For myself, I'm not willing to invest another $99 plus ship in this unit.  I've had it for 8-9 years and perhaps this is enough to expect.  But....I just might try replacing those two leaking capacitors on the power supply board. 

At this point I am still investigating.