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Peter F.......A Gallery of customized Turntables

Thorens TD124 MKII

PF124_7.jpg (303037 bytes)

PF124_1.jpg (348260 bytes) PF124_2.jpg (309376 bytes) PF124_3.jpg (293847 bytes)

PF124_4.jpg (258701 bytes) PF124_5.jpg (277913 bytes) PF124_6.jpg (290113 bytes)

PF124_8.jpg (283396 bytes) PF124_9.jpg (303652 bytes)

Above: The plinth is a composite marine ply, MDF and Laminex with solid Jarrah fascia.

A Thorens TD124 mkII with Zeta tonearm and FR cartridge.



Garrard 401

PF 401_sunken.jpg (283830 bytes)

PF 401 in black.jpg (267586 bytes)

PF 401_2.jpg (358232 bytes) PF 401_3.jpg (312635 bytes) PF 401_4.jpg (326683 bytes)

These pics are of the mighty Garrard 401 plinth. The core is laminated sold jarrah wrapped in 18MDF and finished in black 2 pack lacquer.  Its been sitting for nearly a year now but Iím hoping to install a SME3012 very soon to hear it.  I can send more pics when that happens if you wish?

Lenco L75

PF Lenco L75.jpg (349800 bytes)

PF Lenco L75_2.jpg (300938 bytes) PF Lenco L75_3.jpg (272071 bytes)

PF Lenco L75_5.jpg (249246 bytes) PF Lenco L75_6.jpg (340864 bytes) PF Lenco L75_7.jpg (283597 bytes)

This is a pimped Lenco L75 made from a composite of MDF and HMR particle board, laminated top and bottom with solid jarrah fascia. 

Technics SP10 mkII

PF SP10_2.jpg (342465 bytes)

PF SP10_3.jpg (389888 bytes)

PF SP10_4.jpg (359473 bytes) PF sp10_1.jpg (312498 bytes)

This is my reference deck and the best TT I have owned by a significant margin.  This SP10 II is housed in a solid granite and Corian plinth weighing in at just under 40kgs!  The Triplanar arm and 17D II Karat cartridge are superb.

Thorens TD150 mkII

PF TD150.jpg (313067 bytes)

PF TD150_2.jpg (364216 bytes)

PF TD150_3.jpg (325375 bytes) PF TD150_4.jpg (318239 bytes) PF TD150_5.jpg (351744 bytes)

The ones in this email are for the TD150 with Rega RB250 and solid jarrah plinth.  The armboard is 9mm HDF board laminated both sides with Laminex.

Thorens TD160 B

PF TD160B.jpg (361233 bytes)

PF TD160B_2.jpg (270306 bytes)

PF TD160B_3.jpg (322546 bytes) PF TD160B_4.jpg (329347 bytes) PF TD160B_5.jpg (351434 bytes)

This TD160 with SME 3009 has a solid jarrah plinth with a 18mm MDF bottom laminated both sides and the 4 x edges.

Coming soon...A Thorens TD124