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last update: 2/10/07

System details:

Turntable: new: Sota Saphire, SME 3009 S2 Improved,Denon DL -103R cartridge. Excel ES-70EX, 

old: Thorens TD 160S, Grace 707 tonearm, Grace cartridge

Phono-stage: Most Recent upgrade, Sun Audio SVPE - 700CR + SAT -1000 Step Up Transformer 

Pre-amp: Sun Audio SVC - 500

Amplifier: Sun Audio Power SV-300BSM

Digital-to-Analog: Mark Levinson DAC 360

CD transport: new: Mark Levinson 31.5 Transport

old: Teac P - 30 Transport

Speakers: Sonus Faber Electa Armator II Speaker & stands

Racking: Local to Singapore, marble slabs

Power conditioner: AudioPrism

Interconnects: MIT XLR cables

Speaker cables: XLO type 5 speaker cable

Power cords: JPS, PSB

Amplifier and Pre-Amplifier details:

Pre Amp SVC-500.

All of the transformers (Power, Choke and Input/Output) are specially

manufactured by Tamura Corp.

A hard-wired is mainly used for the circuit. In addition, Printed Circuit

Board is used in a little part (amplification section) only.

Power AMP Mono : SV-300BSM

Ultra big size transformers are used for both Output and Power supply.

Double choke transformers are used with Triple metallized polypropylene

capacitors for the plate voltages.

All of the transformers are specially manufactured by Tamura Corp.

A hard-wired is used for all of the circuit. (which means no Circuit Board.)

Specifications for SV-300BSM

Tubes 300B x2, 6SN7GT x1, 6V6 x1, 5U4G x1

Circuit Design Single-Ended class "A" operation without negative feedback

Power Output 15W

Input Impedance 100k ohm (unbalance), 600 ohm (balance)

Input Sensitivity 600 mV

Output Connections 4, 8, 16 ohms

Frequency Response 16-28kHz/-1dB, 10-30kHz/-3dB

Noise level less than 1.4 mV

Power Supply 100, 120, 220-240 VAC can be accepted at 50/60Hz

AC Connector Equipped built-in noise filter with detachable AC cord

Dimensions W450/H210/D350 mm

Weight 28 kg

300B tubes are driven through the interstage transformer.

Also, 300B tubes are connected to the interstage transformer in parallel.


Patrick Ng ( Singapore )