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system update 9/29/10

Giahy Ref red 01.jpg (383945 bytes)

Giahy Ref red 03.jpg (381491 bytes) Reference sn# 100

system update 9/12/10

two Thorens References are added to the collection

GHY_2156.jpg (278754 bytes) GHY_2152.jpg (278093 bytes) Reference sn# 21

GHY_2153.jpg (279891 bytes) D3X_801.jpg (325036 bytes) Reference sn# 36

GHY_2158.jpg (284088 bytes) GHY_2160.jpg (293270 bytes)



system date 9/8/09


   Thorens Reference serial no# 20

HOK_2325-1.jpg (318349 bytes) HOK_2326-1.jpg (315133 bytes) HOK_2327-1.jpg (306348 bytes) HOK_2311-1.jpg (248011 bytes)  

Thorens Reference setup with 2 tonearms:

- SME 3012 series A tonearm and Ortofon SPU Gold Limited.
- Ortofon RMG 309 tonearm and Ortofon SPU 90th Anniversary.

My system: 

- Low bass: Under 71Hz - Slope 12db/oct – Driver Fostex FW800N 31.5 in. Behind the wall. Bass horn.
- Mid bass: 71Hz to 500Hz - Slope 12db/oct – Driver JBL 1500AL with enclosure JBL 4344.
- Mid low: 500Hz to 1.600Hz - Slope 12db/oct – Driver Ale 7550P with horn Goto S300.
- Mid high: 1600Hz to 6300Hz - Slope 12db/oct – Driver Goto SG 370 with horn Goto S400.
- Treble: 6300Hz to 10000Hz - Slope 12db/oct – Driver Fostex T500Mk2.
- Tweeter: Upper 10000Hz - Slope 12db/oct – Driver Mewon Ribbon TS01.


Pham Thanh Cuong.

system shots:

HOK_2306-1.jpg (397187 bytes) HOK_2294-1.jpg (277592 bytes) HOK_2296-1.jpg (246617 bytes) HOK_2301-1.jpg (237515 bytes)

HOK_2304-1.jpg (293867 bytes) HOK_2307-1.jpg (391584 bytes) HOK_2316-1.jpg (197857 bytes) HOK_2317-1.jpg (235576 bytes) HOK_2318-1.jpg (263901 bytes) HOK_2319-1.jpg (208214 bytes) HOK_2329-1.jpg (217131 bytes)


November, 2008

Thorens Prestige

ptc prestige_2.JPG (211648 bytes) ptc prestige_3.JPG (174852 bytes) ptc prestige_4.JPG (143605 bytes) ptc prestige_5.JPG (145922 bytes) HOK_2328-1.jpg (320335 bytes)


System Shots:

PTC2748_1.jpg (35560 bytes)

ptc sys_001.JPG (165123 bytes)  ptc sys_003.JPG (167865 bytes) ptc sys_004.JPG (170124 bytes) ptc sys_011.JPG (170422 bytes)

ptc sys_005.JPG (201933 bytes) ptc sys_006.JPG (200535 bytes) ptc sys_007.JPG (136062 bytes) ptc sys_015.JPG (145187 bytes)

ptc sys_008.JPG (117193 bytes) ptc sys_009.JPG (105317 bytes) ptc sys_010.JPG (116808 bytes) ptc sys_012.JPG (156654 bytes)

ptc sys_013.JPG (202829 bytes) ptc sys_014.JPG (175035 bytes) 

Pham Thanh Cuong

System Details.
CuongPham's Systems
Esoteric P0(s) VUK
Mark Levinson No 30.6
Thorens Prestige
Micro Seiki SX 8000
Micro Seiki RX 5000
Micro Seiki RX-1500vg
Rega Planar-25
Denon DP-3000
Micro Seiki Dual SX 8000 - RX 5000
Studer A807 Tape deck
EMT 997 Banana
Fidelity Research Fr66s
SME 3012 Series A
Thorens TP 997 Tonearm
SME 3012R
Audiocraft AC400
Audio Technica ATP 16T Tonearm
Grado Signature
Saec We 308N
Rega RB-600
Living Stereo Gold Limited
Ortofon SPU Gold Limited
Ortofon SPU Meister Silver Cartridge
EMT XSD - 15 Cartridge
EMT TSD - 15 Cartridge
Benz Micro L2 Cartridge
Benz Micro Ruby 3 Cartridge
Clearaudio Melody Cartridge
Clearaudio Virtuoso Cartridge
Grado Reference Cartridge
Ortofon MC-20 Cartridge
Shure Mx 97 Cartridge
Audio-Technica Audio Technica
Audio Note Kondo M 1000 Mk2
Accuphase DG-38
Accuphase DF-45
Accuphase DF-35
Levinson No 33H
D.I.Y Tube amp 211 SE
D.I.Y Tube amp 2A3 Parallel
D.I.Y Tube amp 300B SE
D.I.Y Tube amp 300B SE
Tube amp 211; 2A3; 245
Tube amp 2A3; 300B; 245
Bass horn FW 800N
Audio Note Kondo KSL-LP
Audio Note Kondo KSL-SFz
Audio Technica AT1000T
Entrι ET-15
Active crossover 7 ways.
Horn speakers.

- Behind the wall:  bass horn - W 5,7m x H 4,0m x D 2,0m - Driver Fostex Fw800N 31.5 in. - Cutting frequency to 71Hz

- Large wooden horn - Driver Westrex T530 - Cutting frequency from 400Hz to 1,600Hz.

- Small wooden horn - Driver Jim Lansing 375 - Cutting frequency from 1,600Hz to 5,000Hz.

- SS amp matching with A bass horn Fostex Fw800N.

system frequency active part is  Accuphse. 1 Voicing equalizer DG-38, 1 Digital frequency dividing network DF-45 is responsible for 4 lines frequency and 1 Digital frequency dividing network DF-35 is responsible for 2 lines frequency remaining.

The cut-off frequency settings of the DF-45 and 35:

Low bass: Under 71Hz - Slope 12db/oct – Driver Fostex FW800N 31.5 in.
Mid bass: 71Hz to 400Hz - Slope 12db/oct – Driver JBL 1500AL
Mid low: 400Hz to 1.600Hz - Slope 12db/oct – Driver Westrex T530A
Mid range: 1.600Hz to 5.000Hz - Slope 12db/oct – Driver Jim Lansing 375
Mid high: 5.000Hz to 8.000Hz - Slope 12db/oct – Driver Jim Lansing 175
Treble: 8.000Hz to 12.000Hz - Slope 12db/oct – Driver Fostex T500Mk2
Tweeter: Upper 12.000Hz - Slope 12db/oct – Driver Mewon Ribbon TS01 (passtive crossover)
Room dimension: 10.6 m length x 5.7 m width x 4.0 m height with non-parallel walls



Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam