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Phantasie01.jpg (78339 bytes)  Phantasie02.jpg (86705 bytes)  Phantasie03.jpg (72591 bytes)

This Thorens Phantasie is owned by Mark Voight.  Mark's handle at vinyl asylum is "Soundbug1".

Mark's comments:

"The Phantasie was manufactured from '86 to '89.  It is part of the (TD) 300 series of turntables.  You are correct in saying it looks like a (TD) 320 as all the internal parts are exact to the 320 model.  The only difference is the material used for the plinth.  This was mainly used for demos in stores so that customers could see inside a Thorens, not that it is all that interesting.  I bought the item from a guy who ran a Hi Fi store that is long out of business.  Even though it was used for demo purposes, customers could actually special order them.  Not many were made or sold, as the cost, even for the dealer, was very high.  This is the only one I've seen except for Brochure pictures I've found on the internet."