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PigDog's turntables:

A Garrard 301

PD_75R8504.jpg (151895 bytes) hint: click on the thumbnail to view full sized image.

The Garrard 301 was found in Manila in 2005 and was restored there by one of the Garrard gurus.  The plinth is made by a filipino artesan and audio enthusiast.  It is made with Cherry wood based on the Garrard plinth template.  The isolation mount is also made of Cherry wood.  Along with this table is an SME 3009 S2 Improved with a Denon DL103 MC cartridge.



A Thorens TD124 Mk1

PD_75R8509.jpg (111827 bytes)

The Thorens TD124 was also "rescued" in manila and was restored by a master technician in HongKong.  The plinth is made out of Philippine hardwood (Nara) and recently equipped with a Clearaudio TQ1 linear tracking arm.  The cartridge is a Shelter MM. 

Garrard 301