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Plinth Builder's Gallery


Wikipedia.  plinth: " A plinth in architecture is the platform or base upon which a column, pedestal, statue, monument, or structure rests."

Webster's Dictionary Definition.  Plinth: "A slab-like member beneath a column or pier. "

The term "plinth" is also used to describe the supporting structure for the spinning platter of a record player.  That is how the term is intended here.

This gallery offers images of both commercial and amateur (diy) plinths that have been submitted by their authors. 

Note: The webmaster welcomes submissions from all parties. There will be discrimination made as to the level of craftsmanship, design and aesthetic qualities prior to acceptance of all submissions. 

If you would like to have your projects/products included in this gallery please see the image uploads faq page.

Derek Hall (UK) A luthier's approach to plinth building.

RK126frame_2.jpg (83174 bytes) Rolf Kelch (Germany) shot loaded custom plinths for vintage Thorens belt-drive turntables.

SBslate301_012.JPG (85502 bytes) Stefano Bertoncello (Italy) Slate plinths for the Garrard

  the webmaster (USA) custom plinth designs R7_2concept_1.gif (39642 bytes)

rkref304web.jpg (52599 bytes) Rolf Kelch's Reference II  (Germany) He builds an entirely new turntable in the tradition of the original Thorens Reference.

AudioWood by Joel Scilley USA

 JW1136.jpg (78873 bytes)J. Weiss.(USA) --Pennsylvania Slate plinths

ch_301p_1.jpg (127029 bytes) WoodSong by Chris Harban

  Neil Hollow:(Ireland) Custom plinths for Garrard 

NHTD124_1.jpg (137195 bytes) Neil Hollow: (Ireland) TD124 plinth

NHtd125mkII.JPG (74734 bytes) Neil Hollow: (Ireland) TD125 plinth

 DO125II_1.jpg (104348 bytes) Doug Olsen (USA) Custom plinths for vintage Thorens belt-drive models.

James O'Donnel's Russco plinth  (USA)

More definitions of terms:

Methods of acoustic dampening within a structure.

(CLD) Constrained Layer Damping systems are usually used for very stiff structures.  A sandwich is formed by laminating the base layer to the damping layer and then adding a third constraining layer.  When the system flexes during vibration, shear strains develop in the damping layer.  Energy is lost through shear deformation rather than extension of the material.  

Free-Layer or extension damping: A material is simply attached with a strong bonding agent or alternately may be troweled on in the case of tar-like damping materials.  Resonant energy is dissipated as a result of extension and compression of the damping material under flexural stress of the base material.

Vibration Isolation: This method reduces the transmission of vibrational energy from one system to another.  Common isolators are steel springs, rubber pads or bellows.

From the article: Understanding Damping Techniques for Noise and Vibration Control. Jennifer Renninger, applications Engineer.  E-A-R Specialty Composites