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A story about a  Thorens Prestige

project by Rolf Kelch

November 15, 2004

"I bought the last stock of TD 524 / 738, Prestige and Reference spare
parts from a closed down factory."

Highlight of this deal was an absolutely poor Thorens Prestige. You never saw
such a turntable in this --absolute outstandingly bad-- condition. Like a
Gullwing from the junkyard - untouched for 20 years. It took 3 hours time to
get the platter spindle out of the bearing. No matter, I have brand new
spindles and bearings if needed. This table will get under restoration
until it is better than new.


In the meantime I found out, this turntable never was in a showroom, never delivered to a customer and it never played any real record. It was just used to test electronic components before assembling to serial turntables.  His future seems to end with the Prestige production in the mid 1980s. Forgotten, dumped away, not useable in any way. No identification plate, no serial number. But His future has now began again one week ago. I decided - against my earlier plans - to build him up absolutely original, including colors, wood and tonearms. He will be the last one and he should be original in every way.

Also I turned over the Prestige project into a private project. As the manager of my company, Im not allowed to screw the golden Thorens plate on any turntable for sale. But this turntable is not for sale and as a private person I can do anything I want to do.

2) 3) rkpres_3.jpg (131914 bytes) 4) rkpres_4.jpg (136632 bytes) 5) rkpres_5.jpg (130115 bytes) 6) rkpres_6.jpg (142619 bytes)

 tip: click on the thumbnail image to view the full size photo.


  Cleanup............. Looking better than you might have thought.

rkpres_15.jpg (79380 bytes) Motor, Suspension and Plinth ......all cleaned up and ready.

rkpres_48.jpg (78755 bytes) Bearings and Platters. .........going round in circles with the right parts.

 rkpres_74.jpg (141650 bytes) The Electronics  .....gathering up lost electrons.........

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