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This page collects and displays vintage Thorens turntable sales brochures.

Sales brochures tend to be regarded as propaganda by prospective customers.  Over the years, however, these brochures become useful historical documents that display options and specifications of the various models. Dates posted next to the brochures are taken from the brochures themselves when present. The actual dates of manufacture for the various models may differ.


thorens page 2.JPG (322196 bytes) pdf file.  Requires Acrobat reader, 6 mb

Elpa Product brochure, early sixties.  covers TD111,TD124, TD121, TD135, TD224,  Ortofon, Watts  

Thanks to Matt Hager for making the scans of this very significant document.

Note: Elpa was the North American distributor for Thorens turntables as well as the other products listed within this brochure.


125bro_1.jpg (149648 bytes) 125bro_2.jpg (173619 bytes) 125bro_3.jpg (135226 bytes) circa 1968

TD 125 sales brochure. (Courtesy of Loron Knowlen)

thorens 1.jpg (250077 bytes)   thorens 2.jpg (188394 bytes)   thorens 3.jpg (252681 bytes)   thorens 6.jpg (158606 bytes)  

TD125 sales brochure.  (Courtesy of Loron Knowlen)

thorens 4.jpg (221564 bytes) thorens 5.jpg (229927 bytes)  

Sales brochure, combination TD125 and TD150 mk2 (Courtesy of Loron Knowlen.)

TD125 AB Mk II

TD125ABmkII_ad.jpg (128305 bytes) This scan courtesy of Dan Johnson


TD126iiibro_1.jpg (171709 bytes) TD126 mk III TD126iiibro_2.jpg (202534 bytes) circa 1982 (Courtesy of Holger at http://www.analogue-classics.com)


ecTD126Mk3_1.jpg (127043 bytes) TD126 mk III ecTD126Mk3_2.jpg (259620 bytes) circa 1978 (Courtesy of Ewan Campbell)

TD127 (wanted)


TD226bro_1.jpg (150272 bytes) TD226 TD226bro_2.jpg (203747 bytes) circa 1982 (courtesy of Holger at http://www.analogue-classics.com)


ecMCH63_1.jpg (157207 bytes) MCH 63 & 70 ecMCH63_2.jpg (205381 bytes) circa 1982 (Courtesy of Ewan Campbell)

TD150 mk II

 ThorensTd150mk2brochureA1.jpg (249523 bytes) ThorensTd150mk2brochureA2.jpg (260123 bytes) ThorensTd150mk2brochureA3.jpg (304124 bytes) ThorensTd150mk2brochureA4.jpg (223634 bytes) ThorensTd150mk2brochureB1.jpg (325371 bytes) ThorensTd150mk2brochureB2.jpg (260107 bytes) 

courtesy of Munkie NL


TD145_ad.jpg (199122 bytes) circa 1975

This scan courtesy of Dan Johnson



TD-160Cinfosheet.jpg (129571 bytes)  circa 1975

TD-160 MK I info sheet.  Thanks to Ed Alderson for this scan.  Ed bought his TD-160 new back in 1975 and was offered this propaganda sheet prior to making his purchase.   .

BMTD160a_web.jpg (142301 bytes)  BMTD160b_web.jpg (165460 bytes)  circa 1972 - 1975

TD-160 MK I info sheets.   Anonymous contributor.  Thanks...!

td160smkivbro1.jpg (141052 bytes) TD160S mkIV plus TD166 mkII td160smkivbro2.jpg (222612 bytes) circa 1987 (courtesy ibsmeister)




TD166mkIIbro_1.jpg (130374 bytes) TD166 mkII TD166mkIIbro_2.jpg (218741 bytes) circa 1982 (Courtesy of Holger at http://www.analogue-classics.com)


TD524bro_1.jpg (170895 bytes) TD524 Direct Drive TD524bro_2.jpg (139694 bytes) circa 1982 (Courtesy of Rolf Kelch Electronics)


TD535bro_1.jpg (81742 bytes) TD535 Direct Drive TD535bro_2.jpg (179315 bytes) circa 1989(approximately) (Courtesy of Rolf Kelch Electronics)




Reference I



Prestibro1.jpg (60718 bytes) Thorens Prestige Prestibro2.jpg (151285 bytes) circa 1983 and later (courtesy of Rolf Kelch Electronics)

Entire turntable line 1992

Prestige_cover.jpg (88057 bytes)Brochure_p1.jpg (110569 bytes)Brochure_p2.jpg (97039 bytes)Brochure_p3.jpg (118368 bytes)

This brochure provided by Loron Knowlen

1992 confidential price list for USA Dealers.

pricelist1.jpg (157296 bytes) pricelist2.jpg (152281 bytes)

Individual model brochures

TD280_p1.jpg (101481 bytes) TD280_p2.jpg (147402 bytes) TD280 circa 1986

TD318_p1.jpg (114768 bytes) TD318_p2.jpg (148054 bytes) TD318 circa 1985

TD320_p1.jpg (131970 bytes) TD320_p2.jpg (185649 bytes) TD320 circa 1985

TD321_p1.jpg (94069 bytes) TD321_p2.jpg (138585 bytes) TD321 circa 1985

TD520_p1.jpg (123073 bytes) TD520_p2.jpg (187772 bytes) TD520/521 circa 1985

Above brochures provided by Loron Knowlen

Entire product line 1996 - 1997

Thorbro9697_01.jpg (14383 bytes) Thorbro9697_02.jpg (151254 bytes) Thorbro9697_03.jpg (143951 bytes) Thorbro9697_04.jpg (159049 bytes)

Thorbro9697_05.jpg (161391 bytes) Thorbro9697_06.jpg (136965 bytes) Thorbro9697_07.jpg (132818 bytes) Thorbro9697_08.jpg (144790 bytes)

Thorbro9697_09.jpg (147701 bytes) Thorbro9697_10.jpg (132611 bytes) Thorbro9697_11.jpg (139239 bytes) Thorbro9697_12.jpg (11042 bytes)

This brochure provided by Loron Knowlen


If you have a Thorens product brochure not shown on this page and would like to contribute either scanned documents or send in the brochures, contact me at the email address below.

comments to: [email protected]