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Paul Woodger's Thorens TD 124 mkII with Rek-O-Kut tonearm

PW124_II_2.jpg (197792 bytes) PW124_II_3.jpg (341155 bytes) PW124_II_4.jpg (221898 bytes)

SN 68806.  Thorens TD124 mkII.  Tonearm is Rek-O-Kut S120

Paul's comments:

"The Rek-O-Kut was stripped, polished and re-assembled......I fit some new bearings, just a little oil and it's like new.  I plan to use it for mono and early stereo Lp's.....I have a few different cartridges for the arm, namely a  Shure M5D, GE VR11 Triple Play, Ortofon S-15T.  This should cover most records from the mono and early stereo period.  The plinth is made from birch ply and has been cnc cut, then sprayed with 6 coats of paint and 3 coats of flat lacquer...."




Paul Woodger's Thorens TD135 with the Thorens BTD12S tonearm.

PW135_0025s.jpg (122210 bytes) PW135_0035s.jpg (156826 bytes) PW135_0045s.jpg (115108 bytes) PW_GE_RPX.jpg (158034 bytes)

Some text from Paul:

TD135 Serial No. 18720

I have kept this deck as original as possible. The deck has been stripped and rebuilt.  Start up time is really good .....  I'm pretty shocked on how good the BTD12s sounds, it really digs out the best sound from my old 78s.  I'm using my favourite cartridge for 78s (General Electric RPX single play with a 2.7 mil tip)  The plinth is original as far as I can tell so it's been left alone.