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Paul Woodger's page in the Lenco Gallery


Paul Woodger's Garrards: A pair of them, 301 (early) and 401

PW301_113.jpg (252962 bytes) PW301_116.jpg (334895 bytes)

PW301_401_128.jpg (269625 bytes)

PW401_35j9x0g.jpg (222372 bytes) PW401_61.jpg (242032 bytes)

Paul's comments

"I have been doing a lot of work on my system recently I have grown a little weary of forever messing around with turntables so i have been trying to finish my ultimate set up ( within my budget and taste ) so here they are,--- no more turntables for me

Garrard 401 

fully restored by Audio Grail 
with Gray 208-S/16
with Denon 103 C1 for stereo, 
Fairchild 225-A for Mono vinyl 
and a Fairchild 225-A re-tipped for 78s
in a Russ Collinson Plinth

Garrard 301 

fully restored by Classic Turntable Company 
with 7mm oversize platter 
and SME M2-12R Tonearm
with various cartridges ( too many to list ) 
again in a matching Russ Collinson plinth

regards Paul "

(circa 2012)

Paul Woodger's Garrard 401 

P1010396_zps0108e584.jpg (159665 bytes) hint: click on thumbnail to view image full size. 

P1010801sma.jpg (212642 bytes) P1010803sma.jpg (201614 bytes) P1010532.jpg (157963 bytes)

Paul's comments: 

>401 was totally rebuilt by Audio Grail , plinth by Russ Collinson
>Plinth is Birch Plywood with a thick layer of figured Birdseye Maple on top , the whole plinth has been gloss laquered .
>Arms are Pickering 190b for Mono records,Audio Technica ATP-16T for stereo ....cartridges used are Empire 88,Pierre Clement E25N (shellac) Goldring 600,500 , Pickering 350 as I mainly listen too Shellac and Mono records even on my Stereo system"