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Paul Woodger's Lenco collection:

PWLenco537.jpeg (253806 bytes) PWLenco544.jpeg (207680 bytes) PWLenco549.jpeg (306458 bytes)

PW2001_edits.jpg (294009 bytes) PW2006_edits.jpg (195692 bytes)

Above: Lenco GL70 with Karmadon 9" Unipivot Tonearm.

Paul's comments:

"This is my current and preferred Mono turntable with a beautiful tonearm made by Serge Karmadon, based on the Gray 206.  It is a silicone damped uni-pivot arm made from magnesium alloy sporting a GE VR11 Mono cartridge with stylus re-tipped by Expert Stylus here in the UK.  

The plinth is made from layered ply then sprayed by the very talented Carl Ellis.  The deck has been re-sprayed off white and it's been screwed to the plinth via the platter pan.  The whole turntable is very solid and, considering its size, weighs in at a hefty 27 lbs."

Above photo: Karmadon's tonearm 

$_57_edits.jpeg (136853 bytes) The Gray 206 from which the above arm is based.

Lenco L70

Calrad SV-12 tonearm and General Electric RPX triple play cartridge

PW_590.jpg (274628 bytes) PW_587.jpg (262401 bytes)


PW2ns9d85.jpg (336502 bytes)

Above: Lenco GL70 in a Neil Hollow custom plinth.  Tonearm is Ortofon SMG212, with SPU cartridge.  Cone feet are of RDC from Clearlight Audio.


PW289v5vl.jpg (92848 bytes) PW68xxj6.jpg (88675 bytes) GL59

My second Lenco build in an original lenco plinth with Ortofon SMG 212/SPU 
....deck was stripped original arm hole filled new arm hole cut and re-sprayed light Green 


PW0149.jpg (144466 bytes) PW0150.jpg (179757 bytes) PW0156.jpg (290597 bytes) 

Above:  "here are a few pictures of my Mono Cupboard ( my wife's name for it ) 

I go there when I need sanctuary !!  with 2 teenage kids it can get a lot of use. I have an old 50s corner speaker and a 20s BTH speaker in there. 
I keep some of my vinyl there and all my shellac collection in there {out of harms way }  
It's a strictly mono set up with a Pye Mozart 10hf amp ,Graham Slee Jazz club phono stage ,Various old GE valve phono stages ,CD recorder 
and good old valve table top radio .....I put a lot of shellac onto CD for my enjoyment and also clean any New/second hand vinyl there as well "

PW0195.jpg (157828 bytes)  

I have 4 sliders for the G60 arm with 3 GE RPX single stud mount stylus with varying tip sizes for 78s and a GE VR11 Triple Play for Microgroove/Minigroove Mono Records 
pw_0224.jpg (190448 bytes) 
headshells/Cartridges for the GL59  

from top to bottom
Tannoy Variluctance Cartridge 33/78 mainstay cartridge of the BBC in the 50s 
Shure M3D Stereo .7 mil 
GE RPX  for shellac 
Pickering D240 minature for Mono 1 mil tip 
Pickering D240 minature for Shellac 3 mil tip 
the Pickering's are a new find and they sure sound good very life like sound 


PW0135.jpg (201602 bytes) PW2i27l75.jpg (121404 bytes) PWvo9aoj.jpg (154613 bytes)

Above: GL 60 with G60 tonearm circa 1958.  Originally offered for stereo, this tonearm has been rewired for mono use.




PW0144.jpg (174476 bytes) PW0144a.jpg (120799 bytes) PW0145.jpg (151430 bytes)

GL59 from 1962, heavy platter model