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Raymond Pics: 2017  

Raymond, Wa 98577 

on HWY 101

June 2017

GEsatpic_raymond.jpg (301295 bytes) Satellite photo; Raymond on The Willapa River

DSC_3985.jpg (383562 bytes) From my 3rd floor balcony, looking West

DSC_4028_edits.jpg (352717 bytes) From my 3rd floor balcony; looking West down Park Avenue (which becomes Hwy 105) using a telephoto lens.

DSC_4033.jpg (237462 bytes) From my 3rd floor balcony, looking West and directly above Park Avenue, way up toward the mountain top where a pair of cell towers can be found..(telephoto)

DSC_3996edits.jpg (232829 bytes) Monohon Landing Apartments and Storage

DSC_3994edits.jpg (262375 bytes) From the bridge; North Fork, Willapa River, looking westward

DSC_4022.jpg (313254 bytes) From my balcony 3rd floor; North Fork, Willapa River, looking westward.

DSC_3999.jpg (390097 bytes)From the bridge; North Fork, Willapa River, looking westward

DSC_4000edits.jpg (483422 bytes) North Fork, Willapa River, looking westward.

DSC_4002edits.jpg (339179 bytes) North Fork, Willapa River, looking westward.

DSC_4005edits.jpg (207220 bytes) North Fork, Willapa River, looking southwest

DSC_4006edits.jpg (234418 bytes) From the bridge; North Fork, Willapa River, looking east

DSC_4008edits.jpg (236480 bytes) From the bridge on the North Fork, Willapa River; HWY 101 looking North.

DSC_4018edits.jpg (500659 bytes) From the bridge; Monohon Landing Apartments and Storage.(where I now reside)

GEsatpic_raymond_2.jpg (377069 bytes) GEsatpic_raymond_3.jpg (363036 bytes) More Satellite photos courtesy of Google Earth.

July 2017

DSC_4557.jpg (576652 bytes) 7/28/2017  Doe in neighbor's front yard.

Note on the deer.  There is a family of deer living in the bush near-by.  From time to time we see some of them feeding on the plants around us.  At night, midnight or thereabouts, they come out and trek down to the river to do more.....um stuff that deer do.


August 2017

DSC_4579.jpg (186589 bytes) 8/2/2017 5:04pm   93F light breeze.  Hazy atmosphere is smoke due to Canadian wild fires. 

DSC_4610.jpg (176792 bytes) DSC_4611.jpg (275427 bytes) 8/2/2017   5:52 pm taken from the Bridge over the North Fork of Willapa R.

DSC_4648.jpg (190499 bytes) 8/3/2017  7:43 pm.  Haze continues looking down Park Avenue, Raymond.

DSC_4651.jpg (218751 bytes) 8/3/2017  7:44 pm. Haze on the Willapa.  Looking west from my balcony. 

above two shots: Lens: Nikon 75-300 f/4.5-5.6 AF Nikkor  (nineties version, all metal construction)

DSC_4858.jpg (205049 bytes) 8/6/2017 Sunset photo taken from my apt. balcony.  Hand held. 75-300 F4.5-5.6 Nikon  Tele Zoom.

DSC_4783.jpg (649964 bytes) 8/6/2017 One of a family of deer from across the street.  Taken from my apt. balcony. Lens: Nikon AF 60mm 1:2.8D

DSC_4794.jpg (447994 bytes) 8/6/2017 Crossing the street.  On way into yard in background.  The deer feed there often.  Nikon AF 60mm 1:2.8D

DSC_4809.jpg (415877 bytes) 8/6/2017 Same young buck across the street in the neighbor's yard.  Not exactly certain about what this activity is.   Lens: 75-300 F4.5-5.6 Nikon  Tele Zoom.

DSC_4945.jpg (144655 bytes) 8/10/2017

DSC_4946.jpg (138828 bytes) 8/10/2017

DSC_4957.jpg (158820 bytes) 8/10/2017

Above three photos.  Not exactly sunset, but near that time.  The sun burns through the clouds  huggng the mountain tops westward from my view point.



DSC_5046.jpg (94364 bytes) 9:49 AM.  Lamp pole on the Willapa bridge (North Fork).  Birds lining up for the eclipse.

DSC_5055.jpg (70803 bytes) 9:54 AM.  Solar Eclipse in progress.  Showing partial of the moon crossing the path of the sun.  Taken at 9:54AM PDT.  From Raymond.  The best shot I could get.  No special lens filter, which would have helped.  I used the panel view on the camera back to set-up the shot.  Looking through the view-finder would probably have damaged my eyes. 

DSC_5055_a.jpg (71802 bytes) Same shot as above, but processed in the nef editor before loading into Photoshop

DSC_5073.jpg (306605 bytes) 11:08 AM.  After the eclipse.  From the balcony looking west. A rare day when the river appears this smooth.

Willapa_smudgestick2.jpg (249384 bytes)  Same image file as above but with some P-shop filters in use.

9_5_2017.  Today we had more smokey haze from Washington State wildfires. All Day.  Smell it.  Like someone's chain-smoking cigarettes next to you.  Max temp was 81F with a light breeze.  A relief from the day before, except for the ash-filled air which was a mild irritant. The smokey atmosphere kept the sun out of view until I noticed it at around 18:09 when I grabbed the first photo seen below.   And then the sun finally went down over the hill a little after 18:52:00.

DSC_5339.jpg (241691 bytes) 18:09:58

DSC_5348 1st crop.jpg (428039 bytes) 18:14_37

DSC_5351_close_crop.jpg (272299 bytes) 18:17:40

DSC_5360 no crop.jpg (151140 bytes) 18:33_25

DSC_5361_1st crop.jpg (319494 bytes) 18:34:42

DSC_5366 no crop.jpg (85477 bytes) 18:35:28

DSC_5394_1st crop.jpg (160458 bytes) 18:49:49

DSC_5408_close crop.jpg (213036 bytes) 18:51:59

About the gear  9/6/2017

WP_20170905_Nikon rig_1.jpg (331506 bytes) Modest and not exactly up to date: (note; this photo of my main rig is taken with my Windows smartphone - Nokia Lumia 735)

Camera in use: Nikon D7000 purchased new in 2012
Lens pictured: Nikon AF Nikkor 75-300 1:4.5-5.6 zoom push-pull  (nineties vintage, metal and heavy. has built-in tripod mount --bought used for $300.)
Other lenses in use: AF Micro Nikkor 60mm 1:2.8D (a 21st century lens) Fixed length. Sharp.  For macro and close-up details.  I value it highly.
Other lenses in use: AF Nikkor 24-120mm 1:3.5-5.6 zoom.  (nineties vintage, metal and clunky.  The auto focus on this one doesn't always get it right.  Quite a few toss-aways with it, then it also gets some keepers.  Its range is useful, so I keep it in use.....for now.
Other lenses in use: Tokina ATX Pro.  SD 12-24 super wide angle zoom.  Useful.  Susceptible to severe lens flare when subject is back-lit.  But a lens hood corrects most of that.  Sharp.  Useful for indoor photos and also super-wide vista shots.
Tripod: Manfrotto 3401B  Solid.  Built to last.  A keeper.

Rig_balcony_tripod.jpg (440983 bytes)


There's a BAT sleeping in the hallway.  Cool

DSC_5421.jpg (103293 bytes) handheld.  75-300 zoom.  Flash

DSC_5435.jpg (370222 bytes) time: 12:29:06-----tripod shot.  75-300 zoom at 300mm.  Lens is located 5 feet below it.  1/6th sec.  at F-8  Natural lighting

DSC_5458_crop_2websize.jpg (90750 bytes) 17:47:11  Another smokey haze in the atmosphere.  The clouds won before the sun could drop below the hill.  You can still smell the smoke from wild fires in the Cascades.  The side effect of the smoke and ash filled atmosphere is that it makes an interesting light filter for the sun to burn through. And that's enough looking into the sun for me. 


DSC_5590.jpg (257266 bytes) 10:29:45  From the balcony, looking west.  Smokey haze persists.

DSC_5594.jpg (248378 bytes) 21:04:44  Hwy 101.  North Fork of the Willapa bridge looking South.

DSC_5597.jpg (253247 bytes) 21:06:22  Wayerhaeuser at work.

DSC_5602.jpg (167737 bytes) 21:13:21

DSC_5605.jpg (193649 bytes) 21:14:32

DSC_5607a.jpg (243390 bytes) 21:15:32  Bridge from center, looking North


DSC_6062.jpg (561429 bytes)

DSC_6063.jpg (116314 bytes)

December 2017

DSC_6477.jpg (187716 bytes) 12_4_2017  Sunset over the Willapa

DSC_6478.jpg (129689 bytes) DSC_6482.jpg (167487 bytes) DSC_6494.jpg (197471 bytes)

DSC_6520.jpg (332349 bytes) 12_5_2017  around 8:45AM.  Looking NW.  It is what's left of last night's "Super Moon".  The largest view of the moon to be seen in some time.

DSC_6584_edited-1.jpg (151463 bytes) 12_5_2017 Another sunset over the Willapa.  This day there was far less cloud cover.  Below freezing overnight, then warming to mid forties throughout the day with sunny blue skies all day. 

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