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Raymond Pics: 2018


DSC_6753.jpg (450962 bytes) DSC_6754.jpg (625532 bytes)

Above: 1/21/2018  Starlings feeding on the grass.


February, 2018

DSC_6816.jpg (456035 bytes) 2/7/2018  from my balcony again.  The down river shot.  This time in February.

DSC_6804.jpg (671209 bytes) 2/7/2018   Neighbor's yard across the street.  Family of deer.  One with an injured leg.  The neighbor's pet cat interacts with the deer.

DSC_6805.jpg (610595 bytes) A bit of face to face time between the deer and the cat.

DSC_6807.jpg (568865 bytes) The neighbor's pet cat sprints for a more secure observation point.  Cats. domestic and wild, are always looking for a strategic edge.

DSC_6807edits1.jpg (350951 bytes) edits for size

DSC_6800.jpg (622652 bytes) DSC_6802.jpg (746860 bytes) DSC_6803.jpg (673363 bytes)

above: three shots of the deer with injured leg.  2/7/2018

2/20/2018  A bit of snow

DSC_6921.jpg (293220 bytes) DSC_6924.jpg (519766 bytes)

DSC_6925.jpg (376605 bytes) DSC_6926.jpg (498511 bytes)

DSC_6922.jpg (395869 bytes) The snow remained until 2/22/2018.


DSC_6968.jpg (308677 bytes) The down river shot, again.  Fog.  Rain.


DSC_6990.jpg (333563 bytes) The down river shot, again. Sun. Clouds. Near sunset.


DSC_7008.jpg (439348 bytes) DSC_7009.jpg (332704 bytes) Raymond Pharmacy

DSC_6993.jpg (302706 bytes) On Hwy 101 at the North end of the bridge on the North Fork Willapa River. 

DSC_7049.jpg (715427 bytes) DSC_7050.jpg (602345 bytes) DSC_7052.jpg (835151 bytes) DSC_7057.jpg (459976 bytes) DSC_7059.jpg (763471 bytes)

Above 5 shots; Geese on Willapa.  Shots taken from the bridge over the North Fork.

Birds and chimney stack.jpg (644378 bytes) (large) 3_4_2018: Birds and chimney stack_s.jpg (337682 bytes) (not as large)

Above: Birds and Chimney.  Windy. Sunny. Cloudy....and later that day, rain - light but propelled by the brisk wind. The birds, Starlings, I believe. About 60% size of a crow.  They feed off the ground and especially in the marsh land that is found along the banks of the Willapa. 

DSC_7109.jpg (136211 bytes) Sunset, 3_4_2018


DSC_7142.jpg (171818 bytes) DSC_7162.jpg (553566 bytes) DSC_7176.jpg (538303 bytes) DSC_7177.jpg (361518 bytes) DSC_7179.jpg (570135 bytes)

DSC_7184.jpg (362512 bytes) DSC_7194.jpg (777341 bytes) DSC_7197.jpg (363833 bytes) DSC_7154.jpg (228646 bytes)


Sunny Day.


DSC_7360.jpg (479439 bytes) Relics from the past

DSC_7247.jpg (371445 bytes)  The downriver shot, yet again.

DSC_7254.jpg (314431 bytes) Low tide and mud on the Willapa.

DSC_7271.jpg (570583 bytes) On the bridge.


DSC_7261.jpg (450041 bytes)

Canada Geese on river

DSC_7248.jpg (783594 bytes) DSC_7249.jpg (666286 bytes)  DSC_7314.jpg (593309 bytes)

DSC_7323.jpg (660235 bytes) DSC_7323uncropped.jpg (585976 bytes) Left: same photo, cropped and uncropped

DSC_7329.jpg (604484 bytes) DSC_7330.jpg (565654 bytes) DSC_7339.jpg (374817 bytes) DSC_7342.jpg (394714 bytes)

DSC_7348.jpg (473037 bytes)  DSC_7364.jpg (633186 bytes) DSC_7365.jpg (713688 bytes)

Lumber Mill

DSC_7373.jpg (435392 bytes)

DSC_7392.jpg (265227 bytes) There's that steel eagle again.


Robin with Starlings.

DSC_7407cc2.jpg (505301 bytes) DSC_7408.jpg (279281 bytes) DSC_7410.jpg (154312 bytes)

DSC_7412.jpg (416772 bytes) DSC_7413.jpg (606861 bytes) DSC_7413alt.jpg (417917 bytes) left: from my balcony. 


DSC_7763.jpg (280371 bytes) DSC_7764.jpg (378455 bytes) Left:  Mallard Duck in flight.  Taken in Raymond, alongside hwy 101 in a swampy little drainage ditch.

DSC_7759.jpg (421866 bytes) DSC_7760.jpg (466100 bytes) DSC_7761.jpg (515431 bytes)


DSC_7935.jpg (440785 bytes)across the street

DSC_7935a.jpg (625283 bytes) cropped


DSC_7950.jpg (735029 bytes) DSC_7951.jpg (767955 bytes) DSC_7951a.jpg (519021 bytes) Cat in open field.

 DSC_7959.jpg (569562 bytes) High tide.  Overcast. Breezy. Low forties. Reflection of a chain link fence.


It's overcast. The air is still for this moment. Temperature is in the high forties. No rain.  Quiet.

DSC_8005.jpg (322097 bytes) DSC_8008.jpg (288849 bytes) Left: A Western Grebe swimming and fishing.

DSC_8023.jpg (338493 bytes) Left: A male Mallard duck swims along the river bank.

DSC_8040.jpg (202933 bytes) Could this be Jonathan Livingston Seagull?

DSC_8051.jpg (605996 bytes) Across the street.  A snaggy old apple tree that could use some maintenance.  But the property owners are not around.

DSC_8049.jpg (441008 bytes) DSC_8110.jpg (282060 bytes) These sign post mounting brackets.  My (faulty) memory suggests that at one machine shop or another I may have made some of these.  Hence the photos.


DSC_8107.jpg (316125 bytes) Looking East on the North Fork of the Willapa and a pair of Canadian Geese remain in the foreground.

DSC_8061.jpg (329511 bytes) DSC_8063.jpg (296343 bytes) Looking West on the North Fork of the Willapa.

DSC_8073.jpg (426681 bytes) DSC_8074.jpg (304496 bytes) DSC_8075.jpg (274664 bytes) DSC_8076.jpg (509976 bytes)

above 4photos; saw mill (Weyerhaeuser)  It is Saturday and a maintenance crew is at work around the office.  The apparent log / lumber inventory suggests that business continues.

April 2018


DSC_8130.jpg (549393 bytes) DSC_8139.jpg (572026 bytes) Local pigeons feeding in a vacant field.

DSC_8146.jpg (477318 bytes) Steel sculpture - Elk

DSC_8118.jpg (555026 bytes) DSC_8120.jpg (389104 bytes) Raymond Public Library


DSC_8192.jpg (224215 bytes) DSC_8190.jpg (341851 bytes) Western Grebe DSC_8193.jpg (153747 bytes)


DSC_8227.jpg (144847 bytes) DSC_8225.jpg (159736 bytes) Great Blue Heron

  DSC_8164.jpg (254961 bytes) Ducks

DSC_8175.jpg (398120 bytes) It's a Tuesday and the sawmill is in operation.

DSC_8179.jpg (255738 bytes)  DSC_8219.jpg (236659 bytes)  Bufflehead (seagoing ducks)

DSC_8198.jpg (427432 bytes) Under the bridge.  North Fork of the Willapa R.  at Raymond.  Bridge is Hwy 101

DSC_8199.jpg (71259 bytes) The sun has yet to burn through the cloud cover, but it tries.  No shadows today.

DSC_8207.jpg (562147 bytes) These are growing wild on the land under the bridge.

DSC_8214.jpg (417609 bytes) A pair of Canada Geese.  These (this same pair, I believe) have been hanging around since February.


DSC_8240.jpg (370067 bytes) DSC_8248.jpg (411278 bytes) DSC_8249.jpg (443226 bytes) DSC_8250.jpg (507380 bytes)

I took another walk under the bridge and down onto the mossy 'tundra' at the river bank.  Today turned out to be sunny in the afternoon hours.  The air was still.  It felt warm in the sun.  Spring.  During this interval I saw no waterfoul at the river, yet there are those tracks in the above 4th photo.


DSC_8313.jpg (380174 bytes) Dandylion.  They're popping up everywhere.

DSC_8320.jpg (237182 bytes) DSC_8325.jpg (346415 bytes) DSC_8335.jpg (173926 bytes) DSC_8336.jpg (192315 bytes) DSC_8337.jpg (252657 bytes) DSC_8338.jpg (235332 bytes)

Above: An Osprey at work over the Willapa River.

DSC_8353.jpg (273172 bytes) 

DSC_8363.jpg (251039 bytes) DSC_8366.jpg (284684 bytes) DSC_8367.jpg (328951 bytes) DSC_8383.jpg (163833 bytes)

DSC_8344.jpg (211627 bytes)


DSC_8450.jpg (218461 bytes)

March 2018


DSC_8547.jpg (226679 bytes) DSC_8549.jpg (489361 bytes) DSC_8557.jpg (394950 bytes) DSC_8561.jpg (333292 bytes) DSC_8570.jpg (434510 bytes)

DSC_8535.jpg (462472 bytes)

A rare colorful sunset.  The most purple in the sky I've seen since moving here a year ago. Tripod shot. 

5_17_2018  From the balcony

DSC_8584.jpg (400131 bytes) DSC_8588.jpg (373338 bytes)

Full greenery.  Hand held.  Wide angle.


DSC_8592.jpg (218014 bytes)15:55  It begins to seem as if the sun will burn off the cloud cover.

DSC_8596.jpg (178839 bytes) 18:14  But no, it goes the other way.  Cloud cover wins.  Raymond, Wa.


DSC_8640.jpg (449465 bytes) from the bridge, looking east

DSC_8646.jpg (288198 bytes) from the bridge, looking west to the saw mill


in the apartment

DSC_8730.jpg (364976 bytes) I'll be doing a little spinning using the Trek Fluid Cycle Ops flywheel stand with my Cannondale Mountain Bike.  I haven't ridden the Cannondale since the mid 1990's.  And I do have some reservations about riding on public streets and highways; there has been an up-tick in the statistics of rider deaths caused by automobiles running them over.  Nonetheless, the exercise is beneficial.  For now, I'll just use the excercise bracket until I begin to feel brave enough to get out on the roads.

This location is far from ideal but does allow me to watch the TV while pedaling...and there is a view of the wall clock that allows me to time my sessions.


DSC_8740_a.jpg (214022 bytes)

It's Sunday and I happen to be out on the deck with camera in hand.  At first I heard an exhaust note.  A different sounding one.  The kind of exhaust note that has a single pitch to it, singing alto, as it were.  Not deep throated.  Not bass.  Not tenor.  Alto.  Mellow.  Not overtly loud.  Pleasant sounding.  Then this Bentley flashed before me.  I had one brief opportunity to get the shot and this is all I have from the moment.  It was heading North on Hwy 101.  That's quite a lot of money motoring up the road.  I don't recognize the driver from this angle.  Probably not Leno.


DSC_8820.jpg (807759 bytes)

DSC_8821.jpg (386701 bytes)

DSC_8829.jpg (502128 bytes)

July, 2018

July 4, 2018

DSC_9099.jpg (219116 bytes) Local private fireworks.  Photo taken from the balcony at my apartment 10:25pm.

DSC_9043.jpg (269511 bytes) A few minutes earlier.

July 11, 2018

DSC_9207_crop.jpg (614427 bytes)cropped.

DSC_9207.jpg (729326 bytes) DSC_9208.jpg (450688 bytes) Across the road.  Taken from the balcony, hand held, 200 iso, 75-300 zoom.

DSC_9217.jpg (353862 bytes) This is a 5 second exposure.  eg: I had to stand still 5 sec. 12-24 wide angle lens.  


DSC_9423.jpg (566244 bytes) Our friendly buck from 6/25/2018 is back again posing for this photo.

DSC_9426.jpg (721277 bytes) This shot was taken with less telephoto a few moments later than the above shot.  The buck is sitting in front of the house across the street from me while I take my photos from the balcony in my apartment.

August 2018


BikeRide_8_1_2018.jpg (555739 bytes) Cell phone photo. Nokia Lumia 735 (Windows Phone)

This photo is taken from the side of Hwy 101 in downtown Raymond.  The 'bike rider taking a drink of water as he leans against his bike' is one of several steel sculptures to be seen as you pass through Raymond.  I thought it entirely appropriate to prop my bike up along this sculpture for this photo opportunity. At this point I was nearly finished with a 9 mile ride on that day.  My home base is less than a mile away from this spot.

Not seen in this photo is the road construction.  They're installing a Round-A-Bout intersection at the Hwy 101 / Hwy 6 intersect.  The construction has been going on for one week and it looks like they're just about done.  I'll have a photo of the finished result when it is finished.  

BikeRide_832018.jpg (276236 bytes) 8/3/2018 hwy 101 South of South Bend, Wa.  This is a cell phone photo taken from the bike.  It was a 16 mile ride and this marked the 1/2-way point.  While overcast that day, it did not rain.  

510_8_2018.jpg (324148 bytes) The 510 still scoots

DSC_9515.jpg (291202 bytes) 8/5/2018  Same site as from 8/3/2018

hand held.  12-24 wide angle zoom.

DSC_9525.jpg (249475 bytes) 8/5/2018  hand held. Nikon D7000 with 12-24 wide angle zoom lens.  Sitting close to the trees in the foreground.  The wide angle lens distorts the geometry of the trees....intentionally.


Bike Ride Shots using a Nokia Lumia 735 Windows Phone camera.

BikeRide_892018_2.jpg (310446 bytes) From Raymond

BikeRide_892018_1.jpg (371039 bytes) From South Bend

BikeRide_892018_3.jpg (342916 bytes) From South Bend


Shots taken from the balcony.  Tripod. 75-300 tele zoom.

DSC_9579.jpg (125639 bytes) Smoke from BC wildfires filter the late afternoon sun.

DSC_9582.jpg (132498 bytes) close-up detail.  Earth's sun as filtered by Canadian wild fires.

DSC_9586.jpg (178744 bytes) Then the smoke filtered sun becomes obscured with cloud cover.

The smoke was thick in the atmosphere and at ground level we smelled it as well as looked through it.


DSC_9750.jpg (168957 bytes)  More smokey atmosphere carried by the wind  from Wildfires up North in BC.

September 2018

DSC_9811crop.jpg (482239 bytes) across the street, that snaggy old apple tree again.

WP_20180912_edits.jpg (410561 bytes) cell phone pic from the bike, 9/12/2018,  looking across the Willapa.  From the bike trail off hwy 101 in Raymond just 1/4 mile up-river of the Port of Willapa.  A great place for bike riding...when it doesn't rain.

20180912b_edits.jpg (326660 bytes) from the same scene as above.  Cell phone pic. From the bike same date/time.

DSC_9821crop_bw.jpg (524058 bytes) taken 9/13/2018.  converted to black&white.

DSC_9821crop_bw_2.jpg (120295 bytes) 9/13/2018.  Same photo as above, different crop.

WP_9162018_1edits.jpg (192985 bytes) WP_9162018_2edits.jpg (195863 bytes) WP_9162018_3edits.jpg (283149 bytes)

9/16/2018  Above three photos are taken with my cell phone.  Another bike ride along the trail.  Right after taking these three photos, it began to rain.  At first the rain drops hit with the force of a light hail storm, no hail, just rain drops. But then the intensity and the density of the rain increased.  Never solidifying into hail, just wet pelting rain.  At its peak the downpour was reminiscent of taking a shower, which I suppose is why this kind of downfall is called a shower.  I was drenched, clothing and bike, complete and thoroughly soaked and dripping wet. 

I did not stop the ride.  Nor did I seek cover.  Instead I continued my route as normal but picked up the pace a bit to get through it.  By the time I had returned home, the rain had stopped and the sun was filtering through the clouds again.  The only evidence of the rainfall having happened was the wet earth and my riding clothes, which were soaked through.

Good ride, actually.  Exhilarating.


BR_9212018_1.jpg (298655 bytes) BR_9212018_2.jpg (329978 bytes) BR_9212018_3.jpg (512431 bytes)  

BR_9212018_4.jpg (354023 bytes) BR_9212018_5.jpg (373604 bytes)

Above 5 cell phone shots: bike ride along the path Raymond to South Bend. No rain.

9/22/2018  from my balcony

DSC_0346.jpg (621304 bytes) that apple tree again.

DSC_0354.jpg (658531 bytes) find the deer in the photo


DSC_0362crop.jpg (482972 bytes)  That snaggy apple tree...again...but with a deer.

DSC_0370.jpg (472530 bytes) This dilapidated, historic message is on hwy 101 at 14 miles south of my location in Raymond.  

October 2018

DSC_0444.jpg (154567 bytes) 10_7_2018 - mid day fog

BR_10102018_3.jpg (465141 bytes) 10_10_2018

BR_10102018_1.jpg (638197 bytes) 10_10_2018

BR_10102018_2.jpg (402977 bytes) 10_10_2018

Above three photos from Old Mill Pond, at the south end of South Bend, Wa.  near city limits. Just off hwy 101 from D-street.  10/10/2018 -- from the bike.  cell phone pics.

November 2018

DSC_0713crop_1edits.jpg (415886 bytes) Canada Geese

DSC_0705.jpg (476155 bytes) Those two lumber jacks again.

DSC_0697.jpg (453368 bytes) At the saw mill stacking up the timber before it becomes lumber.

Above 3 photos: Taken while walking between my apartment and the Raymond Post Office.  Nikon D7000, 24-120 Nikkor Lens, hand held.

December 2018

DSC_0756_BWedits.jpg (132015 bytes) 12_2_2018  Bicyclist in silhouette

DSC_0827.jpg (626079 bytes)  12/6/2018

DSC_0829.jpg (623991 bytes) 12/6/2018

DSC_0832.jpg (456669 bytes) 12/6/2018 Frost remains in the shade.

DSC_0836.jpg (116255 bytes) half mast in honor of former US President George HW Bush

DSC_0841.jpg (240349 bytes) In the shadows, a humming bird goes about its daily routine.

DSC_0876.jpg (235814 bytes) 12/10/2018 -- The spirit of Halloween in gradual decomposition.

DSC_0878.jpg (191701 bytes) 12/10/2018 -- Here's that downriver shot again. Foggy

DSC_0880.jpg (537705 bytes) 12/10/2018 -- With the morning fog finally lifting, the December sun lights everything up.

DSC_0895.jpg (428003 bytes) 12/15/2018 -- Sawmill on the Willapa

DSC_0897.jpg (393359 bytes) 12/15/2018 -- Food Bank.  Recipients await the distribution of Christmas Baskets.

DSC_0903.jpg (347924 bytes) 12/16/2018

DSC_0904.jpg (472248 bytes) 12/16/2018 -- Halloween continues to rot

DSC_0905.jpg (281238 bytes) 12/16/2018 -- That downriver shot again.  Rainy, foggy, dreary.

DSC_0907.jpg (377279 bytes) 12/16/2018 -- Telephone poles

DSC_0968.jpg (525456 bytes) 12/20/2018 -- High water  The Willapa River almost floods a house.

DSC_0984.jpg (569862 bytes) 12/20/2018 -- High water

DSC_1000.jpg (496184 bytes) 12/20/2018 -- Ducks in the high water

DSC_1009.jpg (470100 bytes) 12/20/2018 -- Looking across the high water into downtown Raymond, which appears to be below the water level.

DSC_1016.jpg (315757 bytes) 12/20/2018

DSC_1031.jpg (229910 bytes) 12/20/2018

DSC_1039.jpg (479267 bytes) 12/20/2018 -- Willapa River looking east from the bridge.  This is the highest water level I've seen since moving here in May of 1917.

DSC_0973.jpg (462569 bytes) 12/20/2018 -- Willapa River looking west from the bridge.  

DSC_0975.jpg (429595 bytes) 12/20/2018 --Willapa River, from the bridge, just a few feet from flooding the sawmill.

DSC_1047.jpg (545757 bytes) 12/21/2018 -- Water levels going down, but still high

DSC_1057.jpg (313769 bytes) 12/21/2018 -- Fishing appears to be good.  Western Grebe

DSC_1071.jpg (507113 bytes) 12/21/2018 -- Across the street.  It was the arrow that surprised me.

DSC_1075.jpg (450203 bytes) 12/21/2018 -- That gnarly apple tree again.

DSC_1082.jpg (232160 bytes) 12/24/2018 -- Sunset on the Willapa

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