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Misc. RCA titles

Above: the one in the middle. LSC2433 Morton Gould and his Orchestra; Grand Canyon Suite (Grofe ) / Wellington's Victory (Beethoven)

LPM3766_tprm4892web.jpg (69965 bytes) LPM3766 Jefferson Airplane, Surrrealistic Pillow, Mono

hint: click on thumbnail to view image full size

DSC_4750.JPG (169214 bytes)  LM-2449,  Gounod; Faust Ballet Music, Bizet; Carmen Suite

Royal Opera House Orchestra, Covent Garden, Alexander Gibson, conductor

DSC_3430.jpg (446012 bytes)


DSC_4751.JPG (183687 bytes)

I found this one in the bargain bins. 50 cents. Good involving performances. Recording quality is high.

Matrix Numbers: A1 / A1

I'd grade this one N/M for vinyl  (near silent) and VG (cover). The back side cover has some child-like scribbling. I'm happy to have it. Some adult took good care of this Lp for many, many years. And that same someone's child made drawings on the cover, perhaps took a scolding for it, then grew up.

The Faust Ballet music is quite good. I haven't listened to this particular piece ever before, yet I was immediately familiar with parts of it. The theme song from the TV show "Alfred Hitchcock Presents" is heard within. Now I know where they got it.

The Bizet Carmen Suite performance also draws me in.

So there I was sitting on the floor at my local Half-Price Books sorting through the discounted Lps in the lower shelves. This one and a Tchaikovsky box set on DG presented themselves.