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RCA .5 Series

Titles from the RCA library, re-mastered at 1/2 speed.


ATL 1-4286

DSC_6006.jpg (273962 bytes) Outer jacket; front.  note circular cut out to reveal the inner sleeve

DSC_6007.jpg (1176254 bytes) Outer jacket; back (note large file size for text viewing.  May take some time to open depending on your connection speed) This text explains the technology used in the 1/2 speed mastering.

DSC_6008.jpg (420030 bytes) Inner jacket; front

DSC_6009.jpg (949650 bytes) Inner jacket; back side. More text plus a catalog of more .5 series titles and also some digital titles

DSC_6013.jpg (281811 bytes) label; side 1

DSC_6014.jpg (204270 bytes) label; side 2