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Rodney Eugenio's Lenco.....

Above photo: "Spirit of 75"
RE_lenco_2a.jpg (621256 bytes) Plinth without the isolation base, just the ebony cones.
RE_lenco_3a.jpg (525747 bytes) Under the platter.
RE_lenco_4a.jpg (519495 bytes) With Dennesson air bearing linear tonearm mounted.
RE_lenco_5a.jpg (484312 bytes) Arm mounting scheme: The swinging armbase allows the possibility of mounting most tonearms of 9 to 12 inches effective length
RE_lenco_6a.jpg (472489 bytes)
below: Rodney's comments:
"Hi Steve,

....Early this year, I was able to somewhat finish another Idler based turntable. 
The motor/idler drive system, spindle and platter were taken from a Lenco 75 ( hence the name " spirit of 75 " ). 
It uses a top plate based on Peter Reinders' of Lenco Heaven forum. 
The plinth styling is similarly taken from my previous Garrard 301 project posted in your site. (edit; in the Garrard Gallery)
It comprises of ebony wood, layers of plywood and black perspex or acrylic. 
The tonearm is a special 12 inch version of the Odyssey Rp1 tonearm by John Gordon.

It is intended to be used with a speed controller ( ongoing development at lenco heaven ) but already functions perfectly on it's own. 
The motor is a 50 hz model but because of the PTP, can be tweaked to function at 60 hz frequency. 
So this is somewhat a solution to the rather rare availability of 60 hz north american versions......"