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Above photo: left, Thorens Reference I Sn#22.  right, Rolf Kelch Reference II

Listening to the Reference 1 and Reference II:

Rolf's impressions:

This afternoon I did an journey back into time. The Reference I is a time
machine. I saw him first around 20 years ago on Berlins IFA. Amazing.

Today the Reference I is a little bit more realistic. The sound is good,
dynamic, offers a great room with much detail in his music. But there are some
faults...he is not analytic, he is subjective. His forte are dynamic frequencies
above 400 Hz. A table designed to play violins..flutes. I heard an outstanding
Händel this afternoon.

What´s wrong?

I also heard The Allman Brothers Band, "Wipe The Window Check The Oil a Dollar

One of my favorite tracks is "Jessica" on authentic live level. I know only a few
tables able to do that in speakers crossfire in a vibrating room. The Reference
can, drums and guitars are perfect...but, what is in the world the baseman is
playing? Much level but very much fog on the stage, I don't see him and all
his music is pressed in some indifferent frequencies.

I compared to the Reference II, same cartridge but SME V, he does perfection,
when You close Your eyes, all these musicians are there on Your private stage,
playing clear and loud...

Tomorrow I will assemble a SME 3012 R to my Reference II. I want to compare
both tables with the same arm and the same frog.
Best analog regards


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