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Posted Sept. 2006

Thorens Reference No. 34

hint: click on thumbnail to view full sized image

Uncovered at a NYC residential garage. 

Photos supplied by Rolf Kelch.

Posted 7/15/2008

Photos supplied by owner


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Owner comments:

" Great thanks to Rolf Kelch for locating the missing parts, and an unnamed (Soviet) turntable design engineer for a fantastic ground-up restoration job. Some of the things I can mention is that the turntable originally was filled with steel discs.  The steel was rusting and damaging the paint.  These were replaced with lead shot.  The original gold plated steel hardware was replaced with gold plated stainless steel.  The original suspension looked very ugly and was replaced with stainless steel cables and crimps.  The paint closest to the original was found to be Cadillac White Diamond Pearl (model year 2005).  Really thick 24 Karat gold plating was a little darker than original but a perfect match to the SME V Gold.  All wiring and connectors were replaced.... also some questionable IC's and transistors.  All wet capacitors were replaced because of marginal readings.   The custom table was made from 20mm thick solid aluminum plate with four 100 x 75mm legs filled with sand.  


Happy #34 Owner."