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Restoring a Thorens Reference, by Rolf Kelch

This page documents the process of restoration of this unique and rare Thorens Reference mk1.  The work is being carried out by Rolf Kelch at his workshop in Lahr, Germany.

REF01~1.jpg (40598 bytes) Receiving the table "A very interesting table came to me this afternoon. The customer came over 600 Km to bring it to my workshop.  It is a Reference I - serial number 22. It was found in a cellar........

REF45~1.jpg (29563 bytes) Disassembly

SME01~1.jpg (31918 bytes) The SME3012RG

III16~1.jpg (36390 bytes)SME3009 series 3

Thorefpaint10.jpg (40142 bytes) Restoring the paint

Thoref1ASSy16.jpg (35109 bytes) Reassembly begins.....

Thorefassy_2_03.jpg (41185 bytes)More assembly, Base

Thoref1_assy3_12.jpg (49958 bytes)Assembling the Sub-Chassis

thoref1assy_4_013.jpg (43596 bytes) Sub-Chassis re-assembly continued


Listening to the Reference 1