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Wayne Steven's "Thorens Rhapsody"

Prior to Wayne, the turntable was owned by the original purchaser.  The tonearm is the Ortofon RMG-309.  The tonearm originally came with an SPU/GT cartridge. Currently, the cartridge mounted is a Grado xf-3.

thorens page 13.JPG (227547 bytes) Elpa catalog page from the period showing the "Rhapsody" as the top TD124 option from Thorens.


THORENS  RAPSODY 003.jpg (42734 bytes) THORENS  RAPSODY 005.jpg (34801 bytes) THORENS  RAPSODY 006.jpg (43670 bytes) THORENS  RAPSODY 007.jpg (38208 bytes)



thorens stereo pics 016.jpg (37078 bytes) Various manuals, templates and documents accompany this turntable.

THORENS  RAPSODY 008.jpg (34318 bytes)

thorens stereo pics 001.jpg (46084 bytes)

 thorens stereo pics 004.jpg (35379 bytes) Ortofon RMG 309 12-inch tonearm.  Originally equipped with an Ortofon SPU/GT cartridge.  This tonearm is in need of restoration as can be seen by the downward droop at the cantilever.  The "droop condition" happens when the rubber isolator inside the tube deteriorates with age.

thorens stereo pics 005.jpg (43071 bytes)