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Back to TD -125/126 Tweaks page

TD125 -1) RK126frame_1.jpg (104216 bytes)

TD125 -2) RK126frame_2.jpg (83174 bytes)

TD125 -3) 

TD125 -4)  RK126frame_4.jpg (68380 bytes)

TD125 -5)  RK126frame_5.jpg (63170 bytes)

TD125 -6)  RK126frame_6.jpg (71225 bytes)

TD126 -1)  RK126frame_1a.jpg (65262 bytes)

Rolf's comments:

"This morning the woodwork of my TD 125 12" upgrade finished. Into the original frame I build a second new wooden frame. The chambers between both are filled with lead balls of 3mm diameter. The chambers bottom is closed by a 22mm wooden plate. Basement of this frame is a TD 520 RDC ground plate with RDC spikes made by Clearlight Audio adapted in my workshop to the 125 12".

Total weight of the frame is 22Kg. If You knock on it, it sounds like a massive rock....

During next week I will modify the electronic - the customer wants to play 78 records too....

Additional You can see a picture of a new borne TD 126 frame, containing lead chambers too.

Best analog regards

Rolf Kelch"