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On the way toward getting some better sounds out of a TD126 mk3.

photo 1)

Above photo 1: TD126 mk3 sub-chassis assembly..... with some mods....

photo 1a) std125mk2subchtop.jpg (51001 bytes)  photo 1b) std125mk2subchbot.jpg (54232 bytes)  

photo 1c)   photo 1d) note: click on thumbnail image to view full size.

Above photos 1a and 1b: For comparison....a TD125 mk2 sub-chassis with bearing.  Above photos 1c and 1d: a TD125 mk1 sub-chassis with bearing.  Note the 3-screw configuration of the mk 1 whereas the mk2 is pressed in and has no retaining screws. Later mk1's also used the press-fit bearing. 


Photo 2)

Above photo 2: Underside of sub-chassis shows damping material applied.  The Thorens TD126 mk3 sub-platter is replaced by the above Thorens Ambiance sub-platter with RDC damping material applied.   Bearing shaft is standard 10mm and with the traditional Thorens conical tip.  The standard TD126 mk3 strobe ring is installed to this sub-platter.

Q&A  session:

Question: "There appears to be damping material applied to the bottom  side of the cast aluminum sub-chassis plate. Is this the same material you used in the construction of the Reference II. Looks like the stuff. How much weight does this add..?"

Answer: "It is a resonance damping foil normally used to calm sheet materials in cars etc. It comes from a company called " Teroson " and it is very useful."

Question: "Do I also see damping material in the underside of the sub-platter...? This appears different from the damping material used on the sub-chassis plate. Is it applied by Clearlight or yourself...?

Answer: "The platter is an original Ambiance platter. It is a massive aluminum part, filled with RDC material ( like the 2001 Iso-track platter as well ) by clearlight.

Question: "What about the sub-platter itself..? This is an Ambiance sub-platter manufactured by Clearlight...? It has some different features from the standard TD12x/16x sub-platter. Looks like it is turned from a solid billet of aluminum."

Answer: "Yes, You are right, but Clearlight did only the RDC filling, all parts are Thorens constructions."

Question: "I also see the familiar 10mm shaft with conical tip." "No captive ball bearing as with the TD150 and early TD125's..?"

Answer: "It is an original aluminum sub-platter with the 10mm 2001 shaft."

Question: "The strobe ring is a standard TD126 unit...? Will the Standard Thorens TD126 mk3 speed control circuitry be used...?"

Answer: "In the moment I use the original motor drive and speed control of the TD 126.  My goal is to develop a quartz controlled motor drive, using a sychrone AC Motor like the TD 520. This drive should be also a high quality replacement kit for all turntables, whose motors are available no more."

Photo 2a) platter strobe.jpg (121199 bytes)

Above photo 2a: For comparison a standard TD125 mk2 sub-platter.  These are die-cast zinc with minimal machining in key areas.  A closer view around the perimeter of the strobe disc shows staking to hold this piece in place.  

Photo 3)

Above photo 3: Top view.


Photo 4)

Above photo 4: View of the Ambiance/RDC bearing.  Three machine screws secure the bearing.   

Photo 4a)

Above photo 4a: Close up view of the bearing.

Rolf's notes on the RDC/Ambiance bearing. "The 10mm main bearing sleeve is a former Thorens construction made of brass, used in many players like TD 320, concrete, 520, 2001, 3001 and Ambiance. But only the 2001,3001 and Ambiance are using mirror polished widia steel ground plates. These plates have 10 mm diameter and were pressed into the bottom of the sleeve. We have hundreds of these expensive plates in stock" (see photo 5)

"Thorens used aluminum mounting collars for the standard versions of 2001 and 3001 or pressed the bearing direct into the chassis (520). Clearlight took a casting of the aluminum collar and reproduced it in RDC material developed by Kurt Olbert. Bearing and collar of the RDC construction are sealed together."

Question: "There appears to be a yellowish white ring shaped material around the boss at the top side of the bearing. Making it a three piece affair. Washer or sealant..?"

Answer: "Using the described parts, I have to fit them together in a position different to the Ambiance position, because Ambiance and TD 126 have different chassis geometries. So I formed an adhesive material ring to fix the correct position of the parts."

Photo 5) RKwila.jpg (105249 bytes)

Above photo 5: Widia ground plate as used in Ambiance/2001 bearing as well as in Rolf's 126 upgrade bearing.


The following parts are used:

10 mm spindle ( TD 2001 )

10 mm widia bearing ( TD 2001 )

RDC bearing flange ( Clearlight Audio )

RDC driving platter ( Ambiance )

strobo ring ( TD 126 )

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