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Link to Rolf-Kelch plinth lead shot cavity plinth construction detail photos.

Link to Rolf-Kelch custom bearing and sub-chassis detail photos.

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RK125_12_1.jpg (66512 bytes) RK125_12_2.jpg (53698 bytes)

RK125_12_4.jpg (46193 bytes) RK125_12_5.jpg (48997 bytes) RK125_12_6.jpg (48860 bytes)

Rolf's comments:
"The TD 125 was finished yesterday. The sound is absolutely perfect, very dynamic,
showing details I've never heard on my test records. I thought it would be very
good, but I was surprised to hear perfection. I tested it with van den Hul Frog  (Gold, built as van den Hul´s own reference Frog ) using customers 3012 R
tonearm. It is one of these turntables, You hate to give away....."

Line up of modifications:

Wooden frame with lead ball filled chambers
RDC ground plate
Externally regulated DC power supply
Modified motor board. plays 33 1/3, 45, and 78, (originals play 16 instead of 78)
Acrylic platter / stabilizer
van den Hul Frog / gold
Dust cover ( removable for playing )

Best regards

Rolf Kelch