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Rodney Eugenio

Garrard 401


Above: New plinth in Maple.  The Dennesen tonearm now sports an Ebony armwand

RE_0084.JPG (135535 bytes)

Below: Another, Garrard 401, also in a Maple plinth with SME IV.Vi and Denon cartridge.

RE_0279.JPG (148296 bytes)

RE_0283.JPG (118328 bytes)


Previous 401:

re045.jpg (100806 bytes) re016.jpg (195109 bytes) re0648.jpg (141917 bytes)

Garrard 401, Dennesen air bearing linear tracking tonearm



Garrard 301, Odyssey RP1 tonearm, Denon DL-103R with Uwe Clavelin woodbody

re0187.jpg (112787 bytes)re0198.jpg (120721 bytes) re0162.jpg (125235 bytes) re0163.jpg (111817 bytes)

re0213.jpg (126924 bytes) re0223.jpg (112055 bytes)

above two photos: with Fidelity Research FR-24 and an mc-201 cartridge

Rodney's comments about the 301 pictured:

With regards to the sound of the arm, it seems to sound better with medium to low compliance carts. I've only heard it long enough with Koetsu and Denon 103 but I have tried it briefly with some Zyx cartridges. Effective Mass of the arm is 17 and it just balances the 12 gm Uwe bodied Denon. Cartridge wt. range is 4-12gms. Fine tuning and set-up is not as easy as modern tonearms so I tend to avoid using it with finer styli. Mounting holes for the armboard are the same as SME.

The plinth is basically 3 layers of Marine plywood (Birch ply is quite expensive and rarely available here). (clip) I Placed a layer of 12mm black acrylic on top (clip). The plinth core sits on spikes to decouple it from the wood frame. I may use bearings in the future. Metal base is mass or sand filled.

I'm still experimenting on tonearm decoupling. I know some advocates would frown at this way of thinking and prefer the integral plinth -arm mounting. The armboard uses michell's ( of Gyrodeck fame) decoupling kit. I had positive results using this kit on my SME-Gyrodeck combo and wanted to see how it goes with the Garrard. The arm and the armboard actually is like being on stilts, or tip toeing over the right end corner of the 301 base to avoid touching it. It also places the arm where I want it. As you know with Garrards, when using some 9 inch arms, you end up either placing them at the 1 o'clock or 3 o'clock position. The extra height gained by the armboard on spacers is compensated by the extra height of the Uwe body.

As for the sound of the whole rig, It Definitely sounds more quiet and with a blacker background though a bit dry compared to the classic layered plywood plinth. This controlled nature of the sound is somewhat compensated by the Clavelin wood body which provides openness and resolution from midrange and upwards.


Here's my layered plywood plinth which is the basis for my comparison of sound


proaclone016.jpg (140971 bytes)

luigandfr023.jpg (137276 bytes)