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Former Thorens Project Manager of the Thorens production company in Lahr, Germany buys that warehouse full of Thorens parts and then forms Rolf Kelch Electronics. 

Above: A Rolf Kelch restored and upgraded Thorens TD125 LB  Link to page

Above: A Rolf Kelch restored Thorens TD126  Link to page

RK08.jpg (101782 bytes) RK05.jpg (104860 bytes) RK06.jpg (100120 bytes)


Above:  Rolf Kelch restored Thorens TD126  players Link to page

Above: A Thorens TD226 in for auto-lift upgrades at Rolf Kelch Electronics.  Link

Above: Rolf compares the above; Left -  A restored Thorens Reference SN#22. Right -  A Rolf Kelch Reference II

Link to the restoration process on Thorens Reference sn #22  Link

Link to the restoration process on Thorens  Reference #34 Link

What is a Rolf Kelch Reference II?  Rolf envisioned it as the 21st century evolution/upgrade of the original Thorens Reference from the seventies.  For more info see links below. 

RK at Monaco.jpg (73239 bytes) -left-  A photo of Rolf from the 2006 Hi-End show at Monaco. On the right is his Reference II.

Link to the build on the Rolf Kelch Reference II   Link

Link to the build on the Rolf Kelch Reference II build #3  Link

The "Rolf Kelch Baby Blue" turntable: below

DSC05161_edits.jpg (353884 bytes) DSC05164a_edits.jpg (209111 bytes) DSC05166_edis.jpg (297171 bytes)

And it came in colors other than blue..

DSC05331_edits.jpg (294622 bytes) DSC05380edits.jpg (298802 bytes) kelch.jpg (47565 bytes)


  Restoring a Thorens Prestige

RK11.jpg (109538 bytes) RK13.jpg (82677 bytes)  

Above: another of many Thorens TD126 projects by Rolf Kelch Electronics

Below: Thorens TD320 and 321 players

RK03.jpg (68954 bytes) RK02.jpg (55193 bytes)

below: note from Rolf Kelch circa 2003  (This is dated material and the information below may or may not be current.)


I am Rolf Kelch former product manager of the bankrupt Thorens production company here in Lahr, Germany.

After the bankruptcy I decided to serve all spare parts, production parts, any

Thorens service information and archive material. I bought it all from Lahr`s

bank and I founded my own company, Rolf Kelch Electronic GmbH, D-77933 Lahr,

tel: +49 7821 90740.

First we did service for Thorens turntable owners. Spare parts, repair and

restoration. Later on ideas became true. I created upgrades for classic Thorens turntables. TD

126, TD 320 ( Tom Jung was the one, bringing me to this idea ), TD 125....

but there was another dream to realize....

The realization of the Reference II, showed on Frankfurt High End 2002 and

London AV Expo 2002. We are in close cooperation with van den Hul, Netherlands

to realize this analog dream.

We are able to deliver very many spare parts all around Thorens, worldwide. A

new web site is under construction, contacts are possible under:

Tel: + 49 7821 907411, Fax: + 49 7821 42209

email: [email protected]

In the attachments to  this mail You can see some pictures of upgraded Thorens

Classics ( and our Reference II ), we do for customers. You see, no upgrade

is similar to another. Basic ideas for performing the maximum in sound and

outfit in customers wish...that's our goal.

best analog regards

Rolf Kelch


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