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 A Thorens Ambiance recently acquired by Rolf Kelch.

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Rolf's comments:

The Ambiance.  I took some pics in condition as he came to me, except the platter, it's the very last original and it's my own.  Everything is original but several parts are missing.

Q and A:

Q:  I am getting some clues that the Ambiance and TD320 have a common
layout....? I have yet to disassemble one of the TD320 models and
consequently don't understand the sub-chassis and suspension design.

A:  Ambiance´s father is the TD 2001/ 3001. But the 2001 based on the 320, so some
things looks very similar.

Ambiance, TD 2001, TD 3001 and TD 320 are using the same motor drive and motor
(except TD 320 and TD 320 II using the TD 520 (!) motor with a clutch in the
motor pulley

Ambiance and TD 2001/ 3001 are using the same chassis geometry. You can use the
Ambiance RDC tone arm board on a TD 2001/ 3001 with very good results.
Ambiance own is only the cherry wood RDC filled outer frame and the RDC
ground plate, a little greater than the 2001 ground plate. You can see the RDC
filling on the pics I sent, around the power supply connector.
Every other part is exchangeable! Thorens himself built the 2001 Iso-track, a
little Ambiance. Only difference: In Ambiance RDC Material always brass
flitters are used ( You can see them in the platter pics I sent ) and the power
supply of the 2001 Iso-track has a plastic case, Ambiance is using a metal case
from the 2000 electronic line and better connectors. More information will be coming up during restoration.