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Below.  A TD226 with several upgrades.  One interesting upgrade is an auto lifting function for the replacement SME tonearms.

A 5mb video clip of an SME V auto lifting on a TD320.  click to view clip.  Expect some time delay for the large file to download to your computer.

RKauto226 1.jpg (101264 bytes) click on thumbnail to view full size image

Steve Clarke schrieb:
> Just watched the video. I know of some people that want to do an arm swap
> on their TD126 but will not sacrifice the auto lift function to do it. I
> see you have the answer. 
> -Steve

Hi Steve

The TD 320 is one of two prototypes. The other one is a TD 226 with SME 309, a
customers table. He ordered the modification, so I had to think about how to realize
The prototypes are working on different systems. TD 320 has an optical touch-less
sensor, working together with the serial electronic equipment and an magnetic
Lift function. This systems are used in most younger tables ( 320, 325, 2001,
520 )

The TD 226 is using a coil with a touch-less ferrite sensor element. It is
combined with a lift Motor.
This system is used on the 126, 127 and 226.

Best analog regards

Rolf Kelch

RKauto226 4.jpg (99858 bytes)