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 Rolf's comments in regard to the Thorens Reference II shown on this page.

"We have a good cooperation with Mr. van den Hull. He was in Lahr / Germany in
autum 2001 and I showed him historic Thorens locations and introduced him to the
old workers of Thorens here in Lahr. One of them was Mr. Reichenbach, doing all
galvanic for Thorens in the eighty's. Mr. Reichenbach is owner of an Thorens
Reference. He is not a High End collector. He grabbed his Reference out of the
garbage container when Thorens goes bankrupt the first time. He built up his
Reference into perfect condition, but it is not a record player, it is a
monument for a working life - not for sale at any price.

Mr. van den Hul said that "it is impossible to create a player like this today..."
and --I decided to do it-- until Frankfurt High End 2002. See pictures attached. It
is my baby, created on my home computer, built in my workshop and assembled in
my living room.

Mr. van den Hul ( thanks always ) gave me a financial feedback to build a
first series of 20 Reference II."

RKref01.jpg (152319 bytes)

RKref02.jpg (109912 bytes)

RKref04.jpg (73906 bytes) RKref05.jpg (95138 bytes) RKref06.jpg (106733 bytes) RKref07.jpg (70918 bytes)

RKref09.jpg (88228 bytes) RKref10.jpg (86709 bytes) RKref11.jpg (67271 bytes) RKref12.jpg (63728 bytes)

RKref14.jpg (87031 bytes)

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