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Russian made turntables that are influenced by Thorens design

A TD125 with Russian skin: The Elektronika B1-01

RU_td125_s.jpg (213962 bytes) RU_td125_r.jpg (241874 bytes) RU_td125_q.jpg (269326 bytes)

RU_td125_strobe.jpg (261378 bytes)

RU_td125_plus_td125_2.jpg (443456 bytes) RU_td125_plus_td125.jpg (334566 bytes)

RU_td125_p.jpg (265670 bytes)

RU_td125_o.jpg (268815 bytes) RU_td125_n.jpg (326788 bytes)

RU_td125_motor_inner platter.jpg (199965 bytes) RU_td125_m.jpg (255345 bytes)

RU_td125_l.jpg (194821 bytes) RU_td125_k.jpg (234408 bytes) RU_td125_j.jpg (200343 bytes) RU_td125_i.jpg (216568 bytes)

RU_td125_h.jpg (192689 bytes) RU_td125_g.jpg (229144 bytes) RU_td125_f.jpg (217148 bytes) RU_td125_e.jpg (229473 bytes)

RU_td125_d.jpg (256443 bytes) RU_td125_c.jpg (271340 bytes) RU_td125_b.jpg (287816 bytes)

RU_td125_a.jpg (295563 bytes)

Photos courtesy of Monoment Vintage Turntables