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On The Radar........The Tribute Turntable

It is a precise reproduction of the Micro-Seiki RX-5000 turntable 

Platter Unit: Tribute

Motor Unit: Tribute (Dereneville DMS-5001)

HS-80 Flywheel

CU-180 Copper Mat

RS-8050 Motor Stand

This is a combined effort between two companies; Micro-Seiki.nl (Holland) and Dereneville (Germany)

Technical Data Platter Unit:

Frame and Feet: high mass support in solid brass with stainless steel feet. (weighs 22 kg)
Bearing Housing, Shaft/Axle: made as the original Micro-Seiki RX-5000 with stainless steel housing, Shaft/axle is hardened steel with a ceramic bearing ball for its thrust. Bushings are bronze. (weighs 4.7 kg.)
Platter: Lathe turned Brass to the same dimensions as the original Micro-Seiki platter.  (Weighs16 kg)
weight of the platter assembly: 42.7 kg.

Technical Data Motor Unit: Dereneville Tribute

Standard Pulley for Belt, String or Tape drive
Speed Accuracy: better than <0.005%
Voltage: 22-24 VDC
Power consumption: 26 - 36 watt (max)
Operating Temperature: -40 to +60 C
Dimensions Housing: 240 / 180 / 89 mm
Height of Adjustable Feet: 20 mm
Overall Weight: more than 7 kg.

Optional: HS-80 Flywheel is available and is made to order to the same dimension and method as the original Micro-Seiki HS-80.  Parts between this and the original are interchangeable.

Other notes: This product is manufactured in The Netherlands and in Germany.

More specific info at: https://www.db-tribute.nl (click link to go to site)

Tribute Flyer pdf (click to open in pdf)

Tribute Motor-Unit Flyer pdf

Additional photos:

P1160349-zukom_edits.jpg (293801 bytes) P1160360-komp_edits.jpg (292647 bytes) P1160378.k.zu_edits.jpg (245904 bytes) P1160390-komp_edits.jpg (221274 bytes)  

CAD-Zeichnung 3-D_edits.jpg (160072 bytes) P1160336_edits.jpg (289307 bytes) P1160337_edits.jpg (258968 bytes) 

IMG_8053_edits.jpg (263047 bytes)


P1030113_edits.jpg (214136 bytes) P1030114_edits.jpg (217760 bytes)

IMG_9947_edits.jpg (349030 bytes) IMG_9949_edits.jpg (337245 bytes)