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Steve Oxley's Lenco page.

Above: Steve Oxley's upgraded Lenco.

Below: builder's comments;

SO6.JPG (177109 bytes)

Custom diy slate plinth.

The top motor plate is replaced with the famous PTP top plate upgrade.

DIY  Schroeder (style) tonearms with ebony arm wands.


Cb_and_fp.jpg (273106 bytes)

Pic007.jpg (595413 bytes)

Pic015.jpg (427410 bytes)

I have just completed another Lenco Project, this time a Lenco B51 in Slate.............

The Lenco B51 deck has had a heavy platter conversion, with a custom made bearing, and a filler plate made from Tufnol. The platter is an L75 Platter that has had its outer rim turned off so the platter appears like a standard B51 platter. The inner rim of the platter is lined with lead, to increase its mass and add some damping.

The Armboard can be rotated through 180degrees, the same armboard mounting hole will accomodate either a 9inch tonearm or a 12inch tonearm. Currently it is fitted with a 12 inch Ebony tonearm.





SO_L006.jpg (169249 bytes) SO_L010.jpg (156410 bytes) SO_L035.jpg (182940 bytes)

SO_L036.jpg (187715 bytes) SO_L038.jpg (188518 bytes)


Steve's comments:

"..... the tonearm was made to fit the original Lenco mounting collar, with the same geometry as the original tonearm. It also utilises the original arm lifter mechanism so no holes needed filling on the L75 Top plate.  The plinth, though not the ultimate in sound quality, makes for a small overall footprint, it is covered in rexine.

Its a pity you dont have a tonearm section, i have been working on 2, 12inch tone arms now almost completed, one ebony and one figured rosewood. Very pleased with both.

I have also finished a similar arm to the cream lenco one, only for my Thorens TD150, so weight was the main concern, this one really sounds wonderful."