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Twogoodears Slate Plinths


Twogoodears slate plinths are carefully machined from solid slate coming from Italy or from Greece and weigh about 45 kilos, without the Garrard.  The plinths are motor-only stand alone to be used with separate arm-base also made of slate or bell-bronze, for use with 10 or 12 inch arms.  Another option is natural finish or epoxied and custom painted to the Garrard owner's wishes and tastes.



spwhite401002.JPG (80986 bytes)  

Above thumbnail: solid slate for the Garrard 401 in white epoxy finish.

SBslate301_014.JPG (101969 bytes) SBslate301_006.JPG (92666 bytes) SBslate301_005.JPG (97832 bytes) basi 002_s.JPG (69049 bytes)

Contact info: [email protected]