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Seiko Sports 200 Alarm Chronograph

Waterproof to 20 bar (200 meters), so says Seiko.  I've never gone swimming with it, but expect that should I fall off a boat sometime --(and the waters aren't more than 200 meters deep)-- the watch might keep working even if I don't. (silly grin)

Purchased new, summer of 1997.  List price: ~ $425.  Price paid: $350.  The watch was discontinued not long after this purchase.  At around year 2000, I began seeing remaining stocks of this model selling on the internet for around $180.00.  Now, they appear to be gone, except for used samples.

The luminous numerals, markers and hands of this model light up really well in the dark.  Battery life is very good. I had replaced the first battery in the summer of 2001.  5 yrs approximately.  The next battery was installed in the summer of 2007.  Its working on that one now.

The quartz caliber is 7T32. Time keeping is rated by Seiko to be "less than" 15 sec per month.  My sample is much closer.  Typically I check its accuracy twice yearly at the change between daylight savings time and standard. In a 6 mos. interval I will see less than 10 seconds deviation from the cesium atomic clock at the NIST in Boulder, Co. 

DSC_4303.JPG (85574 bytes)

Current condition: summer 2009. The pusher at 2 o-clock is malfunctioning.  This makes operation of the stop watch erratic and undependable.  The stainless band has held up very well but is now showing signs of looseness all over.  It has stretched considerably.  To compensate I have adjusted its length at the clasp by changing pin locations.  Even so, the band is too flexible and allows the weight of the watch to drape and sag over my wrist.  This is uncomfortable.

DSC_4306.JPG (141860 bytes)

Plans: I like this watch.  Perhaps I can find someone to restore function to the 2 o-clock pusher, and give the watch an overall maintenance.  And if I can find another exact replacement for this excellent Seiko band, it might be good for another 12 years of service.,,,!

DSC_4310.JPG (144264 bytes)

DSC_4315.JPG (109878 bytes) bracelet id detail


DSC_1001.jpg (245176 bytes) 9/08/2014