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system update: 9/2004, moved system into an upstairs listening room.

above: main system shot.

Speakers: KLIPSCH HERESY (1980 approx,)


Thorens TD124 with SME3009 and Grado Green cart, 
Thorens TD124 standard with BTD12S tonearm and ELAC cart, 
Thorens TD124 MK II with TP14 arm and Clearaudio MC cartridge, 
Thorens TD125LB with SME 3012tonearm and Goldring 1042 cart and Ringmat 330 mkIII platter mat
1 ReVox B 790 with Goldring 1042 cart*

Reel-to-Reel:  ReVox  A 700 (the main one)

Preamp / Tuner:  ReVox A 720 with dixi digits + power amp A 722

Tuner:  ReVox Tuner A 76
Power Amps: 

ReVox B740 power amplifer 2x100watts.(with significant upgrades by Swiss designer Mr. Herve' Deletraz) 
Valves Power Amp Assemblage with Signature Kit. ( Assemblage was a department of Sonic Frontier.)

 Mez0004.jpg (50786 bytes) Mez0007.jpg (63820 bytes) Mez0008.jpg (124394 bytes)


above: a third TD124.  This one is a Mk II in a custom wood case

Mez0009.jpg (121720 bytes) Mez0010.jpg (130981 bytes) Mez0011.jpg (66352 bytes) Mez0013.jpg (70623 bytes) Mez0014.jpg (73967 bytes) Mez0016.jpg (91759 bytes)

Above thumbnails: close-ups of the TP50 headshell and Clearaudio MC cartridge assembly.

Mez0021.jpg (39255 bytes) Musical Fidelity phono stage

Mez0022.jpg (124276 bytes) Mez0023.jpg (131456 bytes) Mez0025.jpg (52520 bytes)


Mez0031.jpg (73631 bytes) Mez0032.jpg (84630 bytes) Mez0033.jpg (71068 bytes) Mez0034.jpg (68957 bytes) Mez0036.jpg (121483 bytes)

Above thumbnails: Nagra IV-S recorder with QGB adaptor for 26cm reels and nearly every accessory.

above: a panorama shot of the new listening room

For Serge's previous system configuration and component mix link here

Serge is located in Geneva, Switzerland.