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Above: Revox gear and a quartet of Thorens turntables.  A TD124 with SME 3009 and a TD160 MK 1, a TD125 and another TD124 MK1.  Much more system info can be found here.


TD124 with SME3009 S2/Improved


Revox Assemblage 04.jpg (48687 bytes)TD160 mk1

TD124SME05.jpg (58937 bytes) TD124 mk1 SME 3009

 Serge125_08.jpg (50924 bytes) TD125 mk1 SME 3012 This one's a stretch model just for the longer 12 inch tonearm.

below: a recent acquisition. Another TD124 with the factory arm.

124_top_web.jpg (84424 bytes) 124vtf_dial_web.jpg (61364 bytes) 124tube.jpg (61509 bytes) TD124bras01.jpg (47037 bytes) BTD 12 S tonearm

BTD 12 S tonearm.  Paint on headshell was shabby, so it was stripped.

124_side2_web.jpg (86317 bytes) 124_side_web.jpg (73655 bytes)


And now a TD125 with SME3012

Serge125SME03.jpg (36457 bytes)

Serge125SME06.jpg (63857 bytes)

Serge125_09.jpg (49057 bytes)  Serge125_06.jpg (45017 bytes) Serge125_02cones.jpg (32268 bytes)