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For those of us living on springy floors, the simplest and best solution to  foot fall induced stylus skipping is to mount the turntable on a wall shelf.  Dedicated turntable wall shelves are available commercially and tend to cost between $100 and $$everal hundred dollars (US) depending on design and manufacturer.  Due to the simplicity of construction, building a turntable shelf DIY style is an easy project to undertake.  It can potentially be much cheaper than going the commercial route, and the results can be very very good.  The examples below are some ideas that I've tried.

1st effort. Home Depot steel brackets, plywood and a sandwich layer of dense foam.

How about pneumatic isolation...?

MDF_blok.jpg (46319 bytes) A massive block of MDF


Frame_1a.jpg (40273 bytes)  virtual shelf versus theActual_frame_1.jpg (57346 bytes) thing I made.