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Thorens TD124 mk II

Plinth is Walnut, purchased 2nd hand.  Armboard is Maple.

ST_TD124Mk2_02.JPG (83467 bytes) Rega RB300 tonearm


The platter bearing of this Thorens was upgraded.  The standard spindle plate was replaced with a heavier machined "gun metal" 6mm spindle plate.  According to Shinji it has "Very quiet smooth rotation.  Sensitive, clear and deep sound. "

More information about the bearing thrust plate and TD124 maintenance may be found at link below.  Japanese and English text  (plenty of photos).


Thorens TD150 (modified)

TD160 inner platter, 3mm thick Red Achromat, DIY plinth, DIY armboard, OEM RB250 tonearm, Brass counterweight

TD150 02.JPG (143966 bytes)

TD150 03.JPG (135877 bytes)



Shinji also has a very nice pair of Garrard rim drive tables.  Pictures here.