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Garrard 301

DV505.jpg (79128 bytes) Dynavector DV505 tonearm

AT1100.jpg (74975 bytes)  Audio-Technica AT-1100 tonearm


FR64.jpg (61911 bytes) Fidelity-research FR-64 tonearm. 

Garrard301_02.JPG (100378 bytes) The DIY custom plinth was made to easily accept alternate armboards. Garrard301_01.JPG (57814 bytes)

Garrard 401
Garrard401_03.jpg (92265 bytes)

With a Dynavector DV505 tonearm

Garrard401_01.jpg (102173 bytes)

Shinji also has a very nice Thorens TD124 mkII. Pictures here.