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DSC_6484.jpg (388096 bytes) Sibelius' Symphony No. 2

Barbirolli / The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

Quintessence / PMC 7008


above: an assortment of Sibelius recordings on Lp.

Front left: 5th symphony, Bernstein/NYPO, Columbia, Great Performances, CBS 38474
Front 2nd from left: 2nd symphony, Monteux, LSO  RCA, LSC-2342
Front 3rd from left: 6th symphony, Berglund / BSO  EMI, ASD 3155
Front 4th from left: 7th symphony, Tapiola, Oceanides, Burglund, BSO, EMI, ASD 2874
Back left: 2nd symphony, Barbirolli / RPO, Quintessence, PMC 7008
Back center: Finlandia, Burglund / BSO, EMI EAC-30351 (Toshiba pressing, Japan)
Back right: symphony no 3 & no.5, Burglund / BSO EMI-HMV Greensleeves ESD 7094

All of the above are good listens.