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Steve. Silvio. Anfossi

Thorens TD125 MK II

....in an SME custom cabinet.  The tonearm is the SME 3012 S2 with a Shure M97HE-AH integrated cartridge/headshell.

   SA_TD125II_a.jpg (120997 bytes) Pedestal stand is cast iron. Shelf beneath the turntable is slate.

Then a custom plinth is made from well seasoned hardwoods:

Mahogany (from 1950)
Cypress (from 1700)
Walnut (from 1960)

SA_TD125II_b.jpg (218929 bytes) SA_TD125II_c.jpg (215410 bytes) SA_TD125II_d.jpg (204058 bytes) SA_TD125II_e.jpg (183132 bytes) SA_TD125II_f.jpg (136930 bytes)

Shure M97HE_AH_SME.jpg (141935 bytes) Shure M97HE_AH_SME_a.jpg (88867 bytes) Shure M97HE_AH_SME_b.jpg (83233 bytes)


Thorens TD150

SA_TD150_a.jpg (146897 bytes) With custom plinth SA_TD150_b.jpg (150453 bytes) SA_TD150.jpg (162956 bytes)

SA_sys_shot.jpg (154072 bytes) long shot showing more components within this bedroom system.