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Above photo: The SME Model 10.  Photo taken from http://www.sumikoaudio.net  If you would like to ogle the SME line of turntables, Sumiko Audio is the US Distributor.  They've got lots of details and pricing info.

The SME 10 becomes the layout model for our project. Compact, open skeleton plinth. Three-point suspension isolates platter and arm from the motor, which is carried on board.  There is an outboard power supply and motor controller that comes with.  The current price tag on the Model 10, at this time, is $7999.00 with arm, $6999.00 without arm.  Cough, cough, choke..!  

OK, now we take a $200 used Thorens TD160 we just bought off ebay, add some material and sweat equity and come up with a 'mini model 10'.  Will it compete in the same ball park with the real one...?  Of course not but what we make here should sound quite nice for the money and time spent.  Details below.


R3.  Skeleton Plinth Concept based upon Thorens TD150/16x components.

Another concept drawing.  This one can work with either TD150 or TD160 essentials.  Plinth construction is constrained layers of aluminum and pvc adhered with polyurethane glue.  Same as with R2.  The suspension parts are essentially the same as with R2 but the mounting arrangement is quite different and more solid.  Footers are three BDR cones.  Subchassis is drawn for SME 3009 series II Improved tonearms.

150skel_1.jpg (128598 bytes)

150skel_3.jpg (71794 bytes)

Above pic. Showing upper view of motor fixture.  Belt tension is adjustable via slots in the mounting plate. I have retained the safety post that was used with late TD160 Mk 1 and those that came after.

150skel_5.jpg (69051 bytes)

Above photo: A cutaway view of the suspension assembly. This basic design was used in a previous iteration of my TD150 and found to be effective as an isolator. 



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