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Søren Lausten-Hansen's Thorens TD320 Limited

SLH_td320_ltd_2a.jpg (273923 bytes) SLH_td320_ltd_3.jpg (148508 bytes) SLH_td320_ltd_4.jpg (293795 bytes) SLH_td320_ltd_5.jpg (389138 bytes)

Søren's comments:

" /quote

About the turntable:

Thorens TD 320 Limited, bought 1986

modified with:

Solid oak bottom damped with lead shot
Solid Mahogany slabs on the sides (making the sound round and "golden")
Damping of platter with tar foliage on the inside
Origin Live DC motor
Origin Live Silver tonearm
Shelter 501 MkII cartridge


About the sound, the modifications have really lifted the turntable up to another class. The OL arm and Shelter cartridge was the biggest improvement together with damping of platter and steel bottom, which I more or less did at the same time.

I first tried a SME 3002 mk II with Ortofon MM2 Black and also other cartridges and various RIAAs, but neither of these different combinations worked well - the sound was not satisfying until I got the OM Silver/Shelter setup and my present Pure Sound tube RIAA, whereby the sound really opened up and became "round" and ear pleasing.

The solid oak bottom with the lead shot  improved detailing and clarity, but the sound became dry and boring (the lead shot was maybe a mistake). After adding the mahogany slabs everything merged into a wonderful big, round, romantic and engaging sound such as I could hear it on my Electrocompaniet amplifier set and JM Lab speakers. But not until I got a set of AKG 701 headphones and a good tube headphone amplifier, I was able to realize what a great sound stage and a detailed sound this turntable can deliver. It might be possible to improve the dynamic properties, but I don't know how.

As for the motor upgrade I couldn't distinguish much difference at that time, but I believe that now, with the solid oak bottom and a better system, it has it's share of the good sound.

I attach some pictures from the process.