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The goal of this page is to offer useful photo documentation of SME tonearms and their applications

SME owners manuals

SME3009 S2 (older steel brg type)


SME3009Series III

SME FD200 damper kit manual

DSC_5524.jpg (131675 bytes) Detail photos of an SME 3009 S2 Improved

fitting an SME3009 Improved to a TD160  with main focus on armboard construction.

SME service   Restoring An Audio Classic: The SME 3009 Series II Tonearm,  by Brian Kearns


SME01~1.jpg (31918 bytes) SME 3012 RG Limited Edition tonearm Disassembled, cleaned and reassembled

III00~1.jpg (48663 bytes) SME 3009 Series 3 Part 1: Disassembly

III35~1.jpg (36109 bytes)SME 3009 Series 3  Part 2: Reassembly

Photos above contributed by Rolf Kelch and taken during the restoration process of a Thorens Reference 1 turntable.

Link to the Thorens Reference 1 restoration page


FD200_2.jpg (170937 bytes) SME FD200 Damper kit photos



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